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Standard Academic Year
Course delivery methods
Online (Synchronous), face-to-face
Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
Tsukuba Campus
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October - December
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Research and Development for Agro-Biomedical Science I University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

In this course, students learn the principles and methodologies of research related to Agro-Biomedical Science through working on specific research themes in the common laboratory for Agro-Biomedical Science (equivalent to 1.5 credits) and a lab managed by instructors (equivalent to 1.5 credits). The instructors from University of Tsukuba will nurture the fundamentals of Health and Food sciences, evaluating biotic effects and safety of substances, etc. Evaluation criteria is described in the following section ‘Grading Philosophy’.

Learning Achievement

Common laboratory activity
This course deal with the analytical methods related to Agro-Biomedical Science (i.e.
extraction of phytochemicals, effects of the extract etc…). All of the experiments are held in the common laboratory for Agro-Biomedical Science. The course is organized by Yumi Abiko.

Supervisor’s laboratory activity
Students need to stay in the lab hosted by one instructor listed below, and participate in the practices in the lab.
Theme 1: Environmental medical science (Yoshito Kumagai, Masahiro Akiyama)
Theme 2: Stem cell biology (Osamu Ohneda)
Theme 3: Global health (Masao Ichikawa)
Theme 4: Bacterial genetics (Kazuya Morikawa)
Theme 5: Integrated Study on Health Information (Ryosuke Ohniwa)


To nurture the fundamentals for Agro-Biomedical Science such as ability to connect heath and food resources, ability to engage in issues related to health security, and ability to engage in food security, through attending laboratory practices hosted by instructors.

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

The activities in the common laboratory (equivalent to 1.5 credits) and supervisor’s lab (equivalent to 1.5 credits) will be separately evaluated, and finals score will be these total (as 3 credits).
The common laboratory activities will be evaluated based on class participation (50%) and report (50%). Theme of this report is “Summary of your research results and discussion including introduction“.
The activity in supervisor’s lab will be evaluated based on the activity report from supervisors and the additional report from students.
Theme of student report is “Summary of your research in the lab, and its relation to AgroBiomedical Science”.
Grading Criteria is A+ (Superior), A (Excellent), B (Good), C (Average) and D (Failure).

Course schedule

Course type

Training/Lab Experiments/Practical Application

Online Course Requirement


Abiko Yumi,LOMBARDO Fabien Claude Renaud,Zheng Ling,Yamaoka Yuichi,Kumagai Yoshito,Ezura Hiroshi,Kitamura Yutaka,Ohneda Osamu,Abe Junichi P.,Ichikawa Masao,Matsukura Chiaki,Morikawa Kazuya,Ohniwa Ryosuke,Yasuhiro Shinkai,Ohbayashi Norihiko,Ishii Atsushi

Other information

Contact the instructor to obtain permission before taking the course. Identical to 01ER202.
Lecture is conducted in English.
Online(Synchronous). face-to-face

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Link to the syllabus provided by the university