Methoden der Klassischen Philologie / Einführung in die Klassische Philologie (in German) Sachübung Altertumskunde (inkl. Optionalbereich): Einführung in die Alte Geschichte (in German) Sachübung Altertumskunde (inkl. Optionalbereich): Antikerezeption in Comics (in German) Vorlesung Poesie / Prosa (Latein): Kulturelle Geschichte des Lateinischen (in German) On-line UNIC Research Blockseminar “The rise of ‘I-liberal’ democracies: Political instrumentalization of religious belongings and misleading theologies in Europe” Making Up People. Governmentality Studies and the Sociology of Education (ONLINE) US Intellectual Property Law International Dimensions of Law Transnational Education: School and Higher Education Institutions Discourse Neuropsychology: What is a Memory Representation? V Clinical Neuropsychology Learning analytics dashboards as a means to support teaching and learning