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Online (Synchronous)
Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
Tsukuba Campus
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October - December
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by appointment
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Agro-Biomedical Science Laboratory Seminar I University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

In this course, students attend laboratory seminar of at least one instructor, and read the latest academic publications related to Food and Health, thoroughly understanding their research objectives, methodologies and results, then discuss the significance of the studies, problem areas, and remaining areas for further study. In some cases, it may be possible for students to similarly approach Innovation-related issues in another form than academic article. The instructors from University of Tsukuba will nurture the fundamentals of Health and Food sciences, evaluating biotic effects and safety of substances, etc.

Learning Achievement

1. To be able to survey the research topics of instructors.
2. To be able to select the appropriate articles for their reading through use of major scientific publications and online search systems from available recent publications in the field.
3. To be able to read and understand the selected articles, and summarize them to other students within a set allotment of time.
4. To be able to listen and understand article presentations made by other students and discuss the significance of the research and any points of uncertainty that arise from it.
5. To be able to describe/explain the significance of each article from the standpoint of Agro-Biomedical Science.


To nurture the fundamentals (scientific basis and its implementation) for Agro-Biomedical Science such as ability to connect heath and food resources, abilities to connect engage in issues related health security, and ability to engage food security.

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Class participation (50%), presentation and discussion about the paper (25%), and report (25%).
Report theme is “Summary of the paper you introduce (one paper is enough), and its relation with global topics in Agro-Biomedical Science”. Students need to attend at least 80% of classes for getting grade C.
Grading Criteria is A+ (Superior), A (Excellent), B (Good), C (Average) and D (Failure).
Grade C is for students who are be able to select articles for their presentation and report, and are also able to understand both the summary of paper/patent and the significance of the corresponding academic field. Grade B is for students who satisfy the criteria of grade A, and are able to have a constructive discussion in the seminar. Grade A is for students who satisfy the criteria of grade B, and understand the meaning of the paper/patent in terms of Agro-Biomedical Science.

Course schedule

Students need to attend at least 10 times seminar hosted by the following instructors. Students can chose the number of instructors if necessary. Students have to present at least one article selected by themselves in the 10 times seminar.
Theme 1: Environmental medical science (Yoshito Kumagai )
Theme 2: Global health (Masao Ichikawa)
Theme 3: Stem cell biology (Osamu Ohneda)
Theme 4: Bacterial genetics (Kazuya Morikawa)
Theme 5: Integrated Study on Health Information (Ryosuke Ohniwa)
Theme 6: Experimental Pathology (Ling Zhen)
Theme 7: Molecular genetics and breeding (Hiroshi Ezura)
Theme 8: Plant molecular breeding (Chiaki Matsukura)
Theme 9: Plant parasitic mycology (Yuichi Yamaoka)
Theme 10: Mycorrhizal fungi (Junichi Peter Abe)
Theme 11: Food and Biomass Engineering (Yutaka Kitamura)
Theme 12: Plant physiology (Lombardo Fabien Claude Renaud)
Theme 13: Toxicology (Yasuhiro Shinkai)
Theme 14: Cellular and physiological biology (Norihiko Obayashi)
Theme 15: Water resources management (Atsushi Ishii)

Course type

Class Exercises

Online Course Requirement


Ichikawa Masao,LOMBARDO Fabien Claude Renaud,Zheng Ling,Ezura Hiroshi,Kitamura Yutaka,Ohneda Osamu,Abe Junichi P.,Matsukura Chiaki,Morikawa Kazuya,Ohniwa Ryosuke,Ohbayashi Norihiko,Ishii Atsushi,Koganezawa Tadachika,Shigemori Hideyuki

Other information

In the seminar, students are expected to join in the discussion.

In addition, if a student is considered to be able to be extremely brilliant by accomplishing their goal comprehensively, he/she can get Grade A+.

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Kitamura Yutaka,Shigemori Hideyuki,Abe Junichi,Ohbayashi Norihiko

Email address:, ,,Teams-chat:

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