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Medicine & dentistry, Subjects allied to medicine
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Agronomy of Plants with Health Benefits (for dietary supplements and cosmetics) University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

> The aim of this course is:

- To learn how agronomy can influence the quality of plants with
- To learn the DIVERSITY OF PLANTS and active compounds
- To learn the effects of CULTURE CONDITIONS on biomolecules of
- To learn REGULATIONS which apply to the use of plants with health
benefits in France,Europe or other parts of the world
- To learn the SUSTAINABILITY of the production of plants with
health benefits and of the production of food-supplements based on

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- Academic level: French bachelor or Graduation. Under-graduated
students can follow the course if they have 5 years of professional
experience in the food-supplement area.
- Language: French as mother language or English (minimumTOEFL score
of 550/213/79-80 or minimum IELTS score of 6.0).
- Computer and internet are required

Grading Philosophy

Assessment method is : 

- Assessment is based on the analysis of 2 scientific publications

Course schedule

> The course on Agronomy of Plants with Health Benefits teaches
students how to produce high quality plants with health benefits that
can then be used in food-supplements. It is organized in 4 units with
12 hours of lectures each:

- Agriculture techniques for Plants with Health Benefits

- Biodiversity of Plants with Health Benefits

- Standardization of Plants with Health Benefits

- Sustainability of the production of Plants with Health Benefits

- Lectures are recorded to be followed by all distance learners. -
Each lecture has its quiz with solutions for self-assessment. - Food
supplement regulations and opinions (European, French ...) on specific
plants with health benefits are provided - Links to specific websites
of interest are provided - Glossaries are proposed for knowledge
refreshment - All resources can be downloaded - The assessment is
proposed on scientific publication analysis - Communication between
students is organized with specific forum, wiki and chats.

Course type

_Lectures, Document analyses, glossaries, forum and chats._ - The teaching mixes classroom lectures for Bordeaux students, recorded and distance work. The course can be followed completely in distance learning and has been designed for that purpose. - The course includes 4 teaching units each counting 12 hours of lecture. Quizzes are proposed for self-assessment. Analysis of scientific publications can be included in the evaluation.  - _80 hours in total = 4 ECTS_ - _48 hours lectures and 12 hours on quizzes = 2 ECTS_ - _20 hours private work on publications assessment = 2 ECTS_

Online Course Requirement


Other information

- Maximum 30 French and English students (*maximum 60 students if the
analysis of scientific publications is not included)
- Selection upon achievements, grades, cover and recommendation
- Selection criteria: essentially motivation and initial level.
- Selection criteria: sufficient back-ground based on either academic
performances or professional experiences
- Satisfaction inquiries are proposed at the end of each lecture
units and at the end of the course to allow a continuous improvement.

Duration: 48 hours of lectures and a total of 80 hours of work including 32 hours of personal work

Language of instruction: French or English upon choice
Mode of delivery: The teaching mixes classroom lectures for Bordeaux students, recorded and distance work.

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Catherine Bennetau-Pelissero