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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
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Online (Synchronous)
Social studies, Languages
Master's Program in Humanities
Master's Program in Humanities
Tsukuba Campus
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Applied Humanities (1) University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The study of “Applied Humanities” focuses on the interface between traditional literary studies and society. In this course the focus will be on humanities’ contribution to society and on career strategies. Students will have the opportunity to discuss their own approaches and design their own academic profiles. The course will also include analysis and discussion of literary and theoretical texts in an “Applied Humanities” perspective and introduce the relevant methodology.

Learning Achievement

Olga Tokarczuk and Contemporary Literature
Course Objectives:
1) Understanding contemporary literature from an "Applied Humanities" point of view
2) Understanding and practicing interpretative strategies
3) Recognizing literary themes
4) Understanding problems in translation studies
5) Basic knowledge about Olga Tokarczuk
6) Basic knowledge about contemporary and historical Poland
7) Becoming familiar with the literary tradition of the novel in Europe
8) Understanding intertextuality: quotations and adaptations
9) Learning to compare visual and literary media
10) Understanding and practicing critical thinking


Ability to use knowledge, Communication ability, Group skill, Research ability, Specialized knowledge, Thinking ability and Overall ability.

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Participants are expected to actively and lively participate in class discussions (60%).
Depending on size of class and interest, participants are expected to give one presentation (this would be 20% of the above 60%).
Participants are expected to prepare reading material and connect learning elements outside of class (10%).
A Final Paper will be graded. (30%)

Course schedule

This class is an exercise in interpretation of contemporary literature.
Participants are expected to read and prepare texts for discussions in class.

Course type

Class Exercises

Online Course Requirement


Other information

Coronavirus management:
Because of the pandemic this class may be held online. Please check manaba where shortly before classes begin I will post some reading material and inform you of how we may be able to conduct the class.

Site for Inquiry

Link to the syllabus provided by the university