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Standard Academic Year
Semester 5
Course delivery methods
Social studies, Business & administrative studies, Languages
IUT Bordeaux
Campus Bastide
Course Offering Year
Course Offering Month
September - November
Weekday and Period
2.5 ECTS
Course Number

Business English University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

> Knowledge/expertise gained upon completion of the course:

- Based on language immersion, students should improve their TOEIC
level by 50 points at the end of the seminar.
- Each student is expected to be able to convincingly present a topic
in English after group work preparation (x2).
- Students should have sufficient knowledge of North American Markets
to be able to make a list of ten micro-economic recommendation for any
given North American market.

Upon completion of this course, students will have developed knowledge
concerning American and British business environments and the basics
about dynamics of multi-culturality from an American or British

The course systematically develops linguistic comprehension in terms
of reading and listening and also focuses on speaking and writing

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- English TOEIC level of at least 650.
- Pre-seminar reading of some of the material used in class.
- Requires reading and listening skills, understanding of group
dynamics, verbal presentation skills, and use of visual aids.

Grading Philosophy

- 1st grade out of 20 for a multiple choice questionnaire and half
page essay (1 hour).
- 2nd grade out of 20 based on oral level assessed according to group
performance and individual presentations.
- Final grade is an average of the 1st and 2nd grade.

Course schedule

> Conference (4 hours) on comparative analysis between Europe and
North America (US and Canada) regarding cultures, institutions,
economics and demographics.
> Specific chapters:

- Markets sizes and Economic output
- Population comparisons: world players
- Institutions regulating Markets in US and Europe
- Origins and History that Impact Markets
- Immigration
- Similar Societal issues, Cultural differences
- Labor Market Differences
- North American Market attributes
- Doing business in North America
- Conclusions and tax rate comparisons

> Course content will include (but is not limited to) specific
chapters such as:

- East vs. West: Culture shock
- The TTIP
- Motivation strategies
- Global trends in the world economy
- Social networks and recruitment strategies, etc.

> Group tutorials and group work (16 hours) based on a case study of
the leading tourism market in Florida and its cultural and economic
impact. Includes reading and debating in small groups about selected
studies (either printed or in electronic format), debating, and

- Oral presentations of each student’s recommendations.

> Lectures (4 hours) on career management as well as an individual
competency test to prepare for intercultural management professions.

Course type

> A PowerPoint presentation is used as visual aid and in printed form for the students. > Three consecutive days, 24 hours of seminar using immersion techniques in English. This includes lectures, group case study with obligatory individual participation and expression in English for the students. > The seminar is structured around the following progression from societal to individual level: - Providing a macro-economic and cultural comparative analysis in the context of the Europe-North America axis (lecture). - Practising business and micro-economic strategic decision making within the domain of the multi-cultural tourism market (group work and tutorials). - Providing each student with a self-assessment method to know the skills required to work within an intercultural management environment (lecture and individual competency test). > 20 hours of ectures, group work, presentations, listening comprehension (video documents): - 14 hours of group tutorials, - 4 hours of group work, - 2 hours of exams.

Online Course Requirement


Other information


- Consumer Behavior in Travel and Tourism [Chon, Pizam, Mansfeld]
- Tourism Impact, Planning and Management [Mason]
- Consumer Behavior in Tourism [Horner, swarbrooke]

- A booklet on Consumer Behavior in Tourism will be printed and given
to students during class, as well as a market survey in English on

- PowerPoint presentation by Philippe Beau (2016) will be available
in paper
- Career Management Model by Philippe Beau, PhD  will be available
in paper
- The Learning Style Questionnaire by Kenneth Murrel. Jack Gordon
editor. 2004. Pfeiffer Publishers.


- 19 maps that will help you put the United States in perspective
- Europe vs. USA: Whose economy wins

- What is the world's largest economy?
- The American-Western European values gap
- []Clearwater Regional Chamber
[] []

- Clearwater Beach-Chambre de Commerce []

- Clearwate-Bay to Beach []

- Visit Florida []

Maximum number of students : 28

Study level: Vocational Bachelor
Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Face-to-face teaching

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Sylvie Castets

Gabrielle Giraud