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Business & administrative studies
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September - January
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Thursday A,B,C
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Business Ethics and Practice National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Reading these news headlines flashing on the screen in a single day or two, you may wonder what is going on in the world now.

* Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, in her Republican Convention speech plagiarized Michelle Obama’s convention speech in 2008. (July 20, 2016)

* HSBC foreign-exchange Executive arrested at JFK airport over £2.7billion exchange rate scam. (July 20, 2016)

* Russian track and field athletes will remain banned from the 2016 Rio Olympics following claims the country ran a state-sponsored doping program. (July 21, 2016)

* Malaysian PM under pressure over $1bn US fraud case of 1MDB. (July 21, 2016) * Volkswagen accused of 'destroying incriminating documents' and 'researching' law before breaking it in emission testing scandal. (July 20, 2016) * Fox News chairman Roger Ailes resigned amid sexual harassment allegations (July 21, 2016) Plagiarism, currency trading scam, doping in sports, money fraud, emission testing scandal, or sexual harassment are all related with “ethics” and ethical violations. Ethics is about what “principles” that you follow for your actions. Ethics is about what “values” that lie at the core of your choice. Ethics is about how you face “temptations” in your pursuit of success and purpose. Ethics is about how you make a “right” decision and do the “right” thing. Ethics is about how your “character” is cultivated to withstand the pressure when everybody else is doing it. Ethics is about where to draw a “line” in the gray area of uncertainty. Ethics is about how to “empower” yourself to make a difference in the world. Ethics is what “sustains” you in good times and bad times. Ethics keeps your name from appearing on the headlines like those above. Ethics is the foundation of everything one can achieve and accomplish in life. Apart from it, success is on shaky ground. Hence the purpose for this course is “to inspire and to empower” students to make the right choice and to transform their life and career. This course focuses on "Ten most important lessons in business ethics for your career," with every lesson begins with a “guiding question” to be answered in the class and ends with a “practice question” to be discussed in groups for applying ethical lesson in practical issues. Corporate visit will be arranged to familiarize students with business practices in real world. This course is a journey and it is one journey you won’t regret! Note: All students are welcome to this course. However, students with some working experiences are preferred as business cases will be discussed. *For Students who are not in the Global MBA program but like to take this course, if you get rejected online in registration process, please come to the first class to get approval and authorization code from Dr. Hsieh or correspond with him by email (

** There are still openings so far, make sure to come to the first class on Sep 22 to secure your registration for this course.

Learning Achievement

1. students will clearly learn the concept and methodology for ethical decision,through instruction, presentation and illustration of different business cases;

2. students will gain clear understanding to incorporate ethical practices in personal life and career, through individual study and corporate visit report;

3. students will learn to participate in group discussions and to make contributions in a team, through organized group case study and presentation;

4. students will learn first-hand the difficulty of tug-of-war of business decisions in the real world, benefiting from the speaker’s broad executive experience;

5. students will learn to define the very fine line in life and say “No” to temptations and that is more significant than just “A+” grade as an objective.


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*Restrict to 3rd-year and above.
*Restrict to students of College of Management.

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Online Course Requirement


Kuan-Hsiung Hsieh

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Global MBA, College of Management

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