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Standard Academic Year
Intended for semester 3-6
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Business & administrative studies
Faculty of Management and Economics
Faculty of Management and Economics
RUB main campus
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October - February
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Places for 3 guest students available
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Case Studies in International Economics Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Course Overview

Based on the contents of the lectures "Foundations of International Trade" or "International Finance", the participants should deepen their professional knowledge and apply their methodical skills of the subject in form of case studies. In addition, participants should become familiar with the basics of scientific work. They should practice writing a seminar paper on a given topic under guidance. To support this, a tutorial on scientific writing is offered in which the necessary knowledge is imparted.

Learning Achievement

Seminar participants will broaden and deepen their knowledge of international economics. They
will apply fundamental international trade or finance theories in form of case studies. That involves
the analysis of current economic challenges in international economics. In addition, participants
will apply the bases of scientific work by writing a seminar paper.


Qualification targets: Using economic models and methods, the participants of the seminar will analyse current international trade or finance problems.
Imparted soft skills: Analytical thinking, Independent studying and learning, Project/time management, Literature research and documentation, Presentation of scientific results, Presentation techniques/language competencies, Team work and capacity for team work, Ability to give and receive criticism

Course prerequisites

Depending on the focus of the seminar,
simultaneous or prior participation in the modules
“Foundations of International Trade” or
“International Finance” is required.

Grading Philosophy

The module examination consists of a written seminar paper. An additional course achievement
can be accomplished in the form of an oral presentation of the seminar paper, for which bonus
points can be earned. A maximum of 75 points can be earned for the seminar paper and a maximum
of 25 bonus points for the presentation. The module score then results from a scale of points
ranging from zero to 100 points. The bonus points will also be credited if the seminar paper would
not have been passed without the bonus points.

Course schedule

Week1: Introduction
Week 2: followed by Week 3 to the Final Week

Course type


Online Course Requirement

communication platform: moodle


Prof. Dr. Matthias Busse

Other information

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: For questions related to the content of the course, please contact
Mr. Jan Wüstenfeld

For all kind of technical and practical questions, please contact Ms. Laura Santisi.

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