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Business & administrative studies
College of Management
Main Campus
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September - January
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Tuesday 7,8,9
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Corporate Social Responsibility National Taiwan University

Course Overview

This last decade has seen many changes regarding how organizations  both profit and non-profit  are organized, as many so-called hybrid forms of business have emerged to blur this distinction. At the same time, recent economic developments all around the world are refueling the debate about the role and responsibility of business in global society. Genuine or authentic corporate social responsibility is, at its core, about the meaning and practice of constructive business  what such business might be, what (new) challenges are involved in the practice of social responsibility, and what (new) opportunities are offered in this domain. The purpose of the course is to encourage a broader and deeper understanding of the meaning and practice of social responsibility in business and organizational contexts. As such it is a reflective course, with the instructor serving as a guide on a journey through various landscapes of practice involving complexities at both strategic and moral/ethical levels. The teaching format is highly interactive, and students are expected to actively participate in all elements of the course, including classroom discussions, case work and student-led seminars (see grading policy). This course is taught in English. This course follows the MBA format, hence the following classroom policy and etiquette apply: 1. Without special dispensation from the instructor, the use of any sort of personal computer during class is prohibited. 2. Meals and snacks are reserved for break time; please do not bring food to the classroom to consume during the session. 3. Latecomers are expected to enter the classroom discreetly taking care not to disturb the ongoing session. 4. Active participation in class discussion is required. Students are expected to arrive prepared, having read the session materials beforehand. 5. In the event a student is absent from a session, a make-up assignment shall be completed for that particular session. However, more than two absences will affect the gr

Learning Achievement

On completion of the course the students will be:

1. familiar with the rhetoric surrounding CSR and its various meanings and implications

2. able to analyze and discuss challenges surrounding the implementation of CSR practices and how these can be addressed

3. able to develop CSR plans and value statements that reflect a wider view on business


Course prerequisites

*Restrict to 3rd-year and above.
*Restrict to students of College of Management.

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Online Course Requirement


Miriam Garvi

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Global MBA, College of Management

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