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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
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Online (Asynchronous)
Biological sciences, Computer Science, Mass communications & documentation
Master's Program in Informatics
Master's Program in Informatics
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Cultural History of Library and Media University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course introduces the history of libraries as the knowledge and information infrastructure and a history of books and other information media from the perspective of learning from history. Firstly the course overview from ancient media such as clay tablet and papyrus to parchment and codex, and Gutenberg printing press. Secondly, the course examines a history of libraries from monastic libraries and scriptoria to modern libraries in the 19th century in mainly Europe and America as well as Japanese libraries and media.

Learning Achievement

The goals of this course are to:
[1] obtain basic knowledge about the history of libraries and media
[2] explain the social significance of libraries and media
[3] be able to cultivate insight in order to look to the future of the knowledge and information infrastructure


Qualitative research competence, Media expertise, Resource expertise

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Assignments will be given based on course objectives and graded by the following policy.
Short reports: 75%, Presentation: 25%
You will be evaluated in the following two stages, and pass according to the following criteria;
(1) To submit all of three reports imposed according to the items set forth in the course objectives and satisfy grade C or above for each report. The evaluation items are the problem setting, the paper organization, the clearness of text, the conclusion, the references.
(2) To give a presentation of the set theme and satisfy grade C or above. The evaluation items are the problem setting, the paper organization, the clearness of text, the presentation materials, the presentation attitude.

Course schedule

(1) Orientation, Ancient media, Origin of libraries (Donkai)
(2) From ancient Chinese recording media to inventing papers (Watanuki)
(3) Parchments and Codices (Murata)
(4) Gutenberg printing press and incunabula (Donkai)
(5) Distribution of publications in the Edo period (Watanuki)
(6) Monastery libraries and Renaissance libraries (Murata)
(7) Development of modern public libraries in England and U.S. (Donkai)
(8) Development of libraries in Japan 1: From birth of “bunko” to samurai libraries in the Edo period (Watanuki)
(9) Development of libraries in Japan 2: Form birth of modern libraries to libraries during the Occupied period (Mizoue)
(10) Presentation (Mizoue)

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Murata Koji,Donkai Saori,Watanuki Toyoaki,Mizoue Chieko

Other information

Online Asynchronous.
Links to class videos and materials (pdf) will be posted on manaba.

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Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Mizoue Chieko,Watanuki Toyoaki

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