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Biological sciences
College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture
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February - June
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Monday 1,2 Wednesday 6
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HORT3009 (608E31320)

Deciduous Fruits (Ⅱ) National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Grapes and many other berry crops are deciduous fruits of important economic potential worldwide. Grapes have been cultivated since the beginning of human civilization and have ranked top on world fruit production and market value. Other berry crops, on the other hands, are relative new in fruit industry, although most have been collected from wild as major or supplemental fruit sources since prehistory. Nevertheless, grapes and berry crops share equal popularity in modern diet attributing to their diversity in size, color, and taste, along with their benefits in human health. Consumption and commercial production of grapes, berries, and their products continuously and rapidly expend into most temperate regions as well as subtropical areas. Do you see a potential of these crops in Taiwan's declining fruit industry?

Learning Achievement

As the second part of the Deciduous Fruits Series, Deciduous Fruits II is an introductory-level course attempting to deliver general knowledge of viticulture and berry crops to undergraduate students. Upon completion, students are expected to be familiar with 1) major species and varieties of grapes as well as other major berry crops, 2) biological and physiological characteristics, 3) their cultural practice and production principles, 4) available resources, 5) Taiwan's grape industry and production systems, and 6) World major grape producing areas and their production systems.


Course prerequisites

It is advisable that students interested in Deciduous Fruits II have previously enrolled in Pomology or equivalent courses and have completed the course requirement. Completion of Deciduous Fruits I is highly recommended but not required at this point. Full attendance is strongly encouraged. Students will accomplish a short team project with topics of their own choice.

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Li,Kuo Tan

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(College of Bioresources and Agriculture) Department of Horticulture

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