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Social studies, Business & administrative studies
College of Economics, Management and Social Administration
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January - March
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UE 6.2.4 : Sociétés et développement

Development Economics University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

Knowledge of poverty/inequality measurement and analyses. Ability to
understand the impact of development policies (problem of evaluation,
randomized or quasi-experiments) and the targeting of social programs.
Understanding of the theoretical reasoning behind poverty phenomena.

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

Ability to manipulate algebraic formulas and graphs, to follow a
course in English, to mobilize microeconomic reasoning.

Grading Philosophy

Assessment based on continuous exams (two 30-minute MCQ) and bonus for
interventions in class.

Course schedule

The course is organized into four chapters covering:

- Poverty measurement and analysis
- Methods for assessing the impact of development interventions
- The study of social transfer programs and poverty targeting
- Causes of poverty: credit market and labor market imperfections
(health, productivity, wage link)

Course type

Lectures (17.5h), with texts/videos to read/watch at home (self-study hours) and discuss in class (based onVOX-DEV, World Bank blog, etc.)

Online Course Requirement


Other information

The course is based on a set of slides (in English) made available to
students as the semester progresses. Reading materials and videos are
offered and to be viewed by students before each session. In addition,
two books can be used to complete the course:

- _Alain de Janvry and Elizabeth Sadoulet (2016): Development
Economics,Theory and Practice, Routledge._
- _D. Ray (1998): Development Economics, Princeton University
Press. _


For those wishing to go deeper, two more technical books, the first on
theory and the second on empirical approaches:

- _K. Basu (1997): Analytical Development Economics: The Less
DevelopedEconomy Revisited, MIT Press._
- _A. Deaton (1997): The Analysis of Household Surveys: A
Microeconometric Approach to Development Policy, The Johns Hopkins
University Press._

Duration: 17.5 hours (10 sessions of 1 hour and 45 min)

Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Teaching and learning modes: in-class

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Olivier Bargain

Coordinator of 3rd year Bachelor: André Meunié