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2nd year of master
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Engineering & technology
Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes
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Digital chain for Industry 4.0 including virtual and augmented reality Université Grenoble Alpes

Course Overview

The deployment of industry 4.0 is based on various innovative technologies but also requires the construction a complete digital chain
from the design office to enable these technologies. The digital chain in industry 4.0 depends on a relevant information system.The
lesson teaches how to deploy a complete digital chain from design office to production system applications based on virtual reality and
augmented reality applications.

Learning Achievement


The lesson is presenting 3 complementary aspects:data sources available in industry at design or production levelcreating an information system to connect and share various source of informationvirtual reality and augmented reality technologies and applicationsThe
role of the lesson is to learn how to connect these 3 aspects to build a
complete digital chain that can be deployed for industrial practise.Labworks learn non sql information systemsThey remind basics of scripting languages (python, C#)Students experience a wide set of VR/AR devices within prepared labworksStudents apply this knowledge to specify and create a digital chain to solve a specific industrial process.

Course prerequisites

CAD/3D modeling: almost basic 3D modeling is expected. Students who have
few experiences about this pint will be oriented on basic tutorials
but it will not be part of the lesson activityComputer science
development basics : basics will be reminded but students will need to
develop few codes mainly in python or C#

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Final exam

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Online Course Requirement


Frédéric NOEL

Other information

Course content can evolve at any time before the start of the course. It is strongly recommended to discuss with the course contact about the detailed program.

Please consider the following deadlines for inbound mobility to Grenoble:
- April 1st, 2020 for Full Year (September to June) and Fall Semester (September to January) intake ;
- September 1st, 2020 for Spring Semester intake (February – June).

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