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1, 2
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Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Social studies
School of Human Sciences
College of Disability Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
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January - February
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Disability Sciences in Japan University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The lecture provides an overview on the current educational provision for children with disabilities and the challenges faced

Learning Achievement

The lecture provides an overview on the current educational provision for children with disabilities and the challenges faced in Japan. The characteristics will be highlighted through comparison with the situations in the U.S. and European countries.

By the end of the course, students will be able to
-Demonstrate an understanding of "special needs education (特別支援教育)" and the different between "special education (特殊教育)” . Also on the rationale behind the shift from special education to special needs education.
-Demonstrate an understanding of inclusive education and be able to explain the different approaches taken by different countries, including Japan.
-Discuss challenges pertaining to inclusive education and special needs education


Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Class participation (30%), Presentation & Report(70%)

Course schedule

1.Course introduction and concept of disability
2.Historical perspective of special education: the significance and the challenges
3.The current education for children with disabilities in Japan
4.Introduction to "special needs education"(1) the concept and the philosophy behind
5.Introduction to "Special needs education"(2)-the rationale behind the shift from "special education"
6.Introduction to "Special needs education"(3)Range of children being supported under the system
7.Introduction to "Special needs education"(4) the role of special schools
8. Discourses around inclusive education
9. special needs education and the challenges
10. wrap up
The lecture will be given in English

【This class will be HYBRID due to COVID-19】
*All lectures will be be provided online (on demand) via TEAMS Stream. All students will have 1 or 2 sessions where they will meet via TEAM real-time to present their work (Specific dates and the time of the meeting will be decided later).
Specific directions will be posted via MANABA at least 1 week before the starting date. Please wait for further announcements.
All announcements will be posted on Manaba and all online courses will be provided via TEAMS.

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Online Course Requirement


Miyauchi Hisae

Other information

Students are expected to read through the given handouts and be prepared to participate in discussions

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