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Biological sciences
College of Bio-Resources & Agriculture
Main Campus
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September - January
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Thursday 2,3,4
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Ecology Lab. National Taiwan University

Course Overview

This is a lab course intended to complement the lecture course (ENT3003). It is designed such that students who are currently enrolled in ENT3003 can have better understanding of selected topics covered in the lecture course. Students cannot take the lab course without concurrently taking the lecture course. Students who had completed an equivalent ecology lecture course may take this course, but it is not recommended to do so because the lecture (ENT3003) and the lab (ENT3020) are not designed independently. Attendance Students are required to attend every lab. The following penalties will be applied: Absence: -14 points. Tardiness (< 15 min): -5 points. Tardiness (>= 15 min): -14 points. (1 point is 1% of the final grade.) Students who missed a lab are not allowed to submit any assigned work associated with the lab. Therefore, a missed lab can affect both attendance and assignment points at the same time. No cellphones or mobile computers are to be used in class unless otherwise instructed by the instructor. Poor attendance in terms of participation (e.g., using a cellphone, sleeping, not participating in lab activities, etc.) will greatly reduce attendance points (e.g., equivalent to being absent). Assignments Everything students are asked to submit is an assignment (e.g., lab materials, data, quiz, report, homework). Submit an assignment on time. No late assignments are accepted. Lab activities are also counted as assignments. A missed assignment results in at least 6 points deduction. Exam There will be one exam in this course, and it is held at the end of the semester. The exam will ask the details of lab activities, including the interpretations of experimental methods and results. Participating in labs and understanding each lab activity is the best way to prepare for the exam. Grading Attendance and Assignments 55% Exam 45% There are no bonus points offered in this course. A student can potentially get a negative final grade (e.g., many absenses), but such a student will still get an F as the final grade. The schedule (described in the content section of this website) is subject to change throughout the semester.

Learning Achievement

The following skills will be developed:

  • The scientific method (experimental design)

  • Understanding of selected ecological topics


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    Toshinori Okuyama

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