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College of Liberal Arts
Main Campus
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February - June
Weekday and Period
Thursday 8,9
Course Number
FL3073 (102E40330)

English Oral Training (Ⅲ) National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Course Outline: In this course we will discuss and debate a variety of topics in English. The process will begin with a choice of suitable topics that are of interest to the class. Each topic will be covered over 2-3 of weeks, beginning with a search for readings on the topic. After reading some relevant materials, we will hold small group discussions in which students can present and discuss the different viewpoints they have read about on the topic. At this stage, two sides with opposing viewpoints should emerge. Two opposing positions for a debate will be chosen. Where appropriate, there will be some language development, with work on vocabulary, the language of presentation and discussion, grammar etc. Next there will be a formal debate on the topic, with speakers on either side, question and answer and discussion. Debates will be recorded, and participants will be able to access these recordings so as to review their performance. After this, there will be peer and teacher feedback on the debate. Note: the syllabus will be drawn up after the stduents have chosen their preferred topics for debate.

Learning Achievement

Aims: To hold a series of formal debates on controversial issues of interest to the participants in the course. To practise and improve a) English speaking skills, and b) discussion skills. To develop ways of a) presenting an argument, and b) responding to opposing arguments. To learn to evaluate sources of news, information and opinion, and identify varied, reliable, and verifiable sources of information and opinion. To explore the interface between rhetorical effect and logical argument when it comes to complex debate.


Course prerequisites

Eligible Students: This is a high level speaking course. Students should have already completed Oral Training one and Two from the department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. They should be good speakers of English, confident about discussing complex ideas in English. They must also have an interest in serious issues suitable for debate, relating to areas such as politics, society, the environment, justice, education, economics, the arts, culture, philosophy etc. However, the course is not suitable for people who already have perfect (or almost perfect) spoken English, as part of the aim of the course is to develop basic oral language skills in English. It is first and foremost a spoken English course.

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Online Course Requirement


Davies Witton

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*Registration eligibility: juniors and above.
(College of Liberal Arts) Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

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