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Social studies, Languages
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November - December
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ENLIVE – ENLIGHT Network Language and Intercultural Virtual Exchange University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

Students should… 
- be able to discuss current social issues in a lingua franca
context  - develop cultural sensitivity and awareness  - design
and deliver a micro social media campaign

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- There are no specific academic pre-requisites for this course: - B1
level of proficiency in English is required.  - A webcam and headset
are required for students to participate in facilitated dialogue

Grading Philosophy

100% continuous assessment 
- 20% Formative - engagement in weekly facilitated dialogue sessions 
- 40% Formative - weekly reflective journal submissions  - 20%
Summative - social media campaign submission in week 6  - 20 %
Summative - final speaking task submission in week 6

Course schedule

Students will select and research a topic in order to design and
disseminate a social media campaign to their chosen target audience. 

Potential topics: 

- Body image and social media 
- Climate change and youth activism 
- Disability in society 
- Diversity on screen 
- Gender and education 
- Science denial and anti-science movements 

Over 6 weeks, students meet in small groups of 8-12 participants for
2h00 via Zoom to engage in intercultural dialogue and work towards
their social media campaign. They alternate plenary phases where all
members of the group are engaged in dialogue, and project work in
dyads in breakout rooms. 

The social media campaigns made by students are shared on the Espace
Langues Instagram page. 

Course type

Synchronous facilitated dialogue sessions, project work. - Facilitated dialogue sessions - 12 contact hours - Reflective journaling - 24 self-study hours - Social media campaign - 12 self-study hours - Final Speaking Task - 12 self-study hours

Online Course Requirement


Other information

This course draws participants from across the ENLIGHT university
alliance. There are 54 places for students enrolled at the University
of Bordeaux. If necessary, students will be selected on their English
language proficiency and motivations for taking part in the course. 

In spring 2021, 97% of participants said they enjoyed taking part in
ENLIVE and that they would recommend it to other students. 

Duration: 8 weeks
Study level: Multi-level
Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Distance-based

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Laüra Hoskins