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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
Course delivery methods
Online (Asynchronous)
Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects, Physical sciences
Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
C502 Nat.Sci.
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October - December
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Environmental Analysis and Planning University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The course will explain the basic scientific knowledge and techniques of urban planning and land use analysis oriented to the realization of appropriate and sustainable environments. The course also aims to cultivate the basic knowledge necessary to discuss urban planning from an environmental perspective. The course will include systematic lectures on the history of urban planning, reading map information, nature and cities, the role of green spaces in the urban environments, and sustainable landscape planning, as well as exercises and discussions.

Learning Achievement

The primary focus of this course is the study of the analysis of environment and the planning based on landscape sciences. The course examines the basic scientific principles underlying these issues and introduces students to a range of technologies, analysis techniques and methodologies for designing appropriate environment.
The course aims to help students to: understand and apply the scientific principles underlying the landscape and the built environment, learn to evaluate the pros and cons of a range of technologies for creating comfortable and sustainable environments, and acquire the knowledge required to critically discuss/present the environmental concept of urban and rural design.


Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Grades will be determined based on:
Quality and timely submission of completed assignments (20%).
Participation in class discussions (30%).
Quality and timely submission of final paper (50%).

Course schedule

Following a review of how to analyze environment, the first part of the course is dedicated to the principles of today’s urbanization and its problems. The second part of the course will introduce students to the relationships between landscape and infrastructure, house. The last part of the course consists of introductions to new challenges in the field of urban and landscape design/planning/house.
The course consists of lectures, group discussion, workshop and field trip. The topics introduced in the course include; "Introduction to Environmental Analysis and Landscape Planning", "History of Urban and Rural Design", "City and Nature", "Reading a Map", "Invisible Features of Environment", "Infrastructure and Environment", "Cultural Landscape", ”Traditional house”, “Renovation of house” etc.

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Online Course Requirement


Murakami Akinobu,Yamamoto Sachiko

Other information

・Online Asynchronous
・Classes use Microsoft apps such as Teams, Streams, and Forms.

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