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1, 2
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Online (Asynchronous)
Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects, Physical sciences
Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
B107 Nat. Sci.
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October - February
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Environmental Law University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to provide the economic and mathematical knowledge necessary to comprehensively evaluate environmental policies. Students will study microeconomics, macroeconomics, welfare economics, and their applications. In particular, students will learn how to evaluate the impact of public investment and macroeconomic policies on both the economy and the environment and how to make policy decisions.

Learning Achievement

The content and objectives of this lecture are as follows.
(1)Understand the principles and basic concepts of Environmental Law and domestic law)to solve the environmental problems of domestic and global environmental issues.(2)Outline "framework of Basic environmental law” and “Environmental Assessment law”, and other environmental laws.(3)Consider and discuss, for legal measures in developing countries and developed countries. As a result, develop the ability to understand and solve environmental issues."


Consider the environmental issues from a comprehensive point of view,
(1)to acquire knowledge about environmental law and policy to solve the environmental problems. also,
(2)to acquire the ability to agenda-setting skills, analytical skills for legal policy and environmental issues, and thinking skills for the resolution."

Competences:Analytical skills, Ability to solve problems

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Assignments (Attendance will be confirmed by submission of the assignment)

Assignments: An essay report will be assigned in each lecture. ( around 250-300 words but size can be exceeded)
Content of the assignment: Your own thoughts on the topic of the lecture (agree / disagree)
Submission method: by email to the lecturer
Submission deadline: 2 weeks after the assignment topic is opened
Grading will be made based on the format and content of the submitted assignment.
Structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion
Suggested length: 250-300 words or more
Only students whose assignment submission rate is 70% or more will be evaluated.

Course schedule

Class date : TBA
1 Overview of Environmental Law
2 Principles of Environmental Law and Environmental Right
Class date : TBA
3 Basic philosophy of the Basic Environment Law
4 Legal system of the Basic Environment Law
Class date : TBA
5 Environmental Assessment Law
6 Strategic Environmental Assessment
Class date : TBA
7 Law and Recycling Society
8 Recycling Law system; household electric appliances recycling, car recycling etc.
Class date : TBA
9 Global Warming
10 Legal system of Climate Change and Global Warming

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Online Course Requirement


Asaga Hironobu,Mizunoya Takeshi

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