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Standard Academic Year
3, 4
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Social studies, Law
School of Social and International Studies
College of Social Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
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European Legal History University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course provides students with introductory overview of European Legal History. This year I would like to focus on the ancient Roman Law, which is the basis of legal systems not only in European continent countries, but also in many countries all over the world influenced from the former countries.

Learning Achievement

To understand a kind of different concept of values from our common sense.
This year I would like to focus our eyes on Roman family law. Roman family law was a unique from our point of view. But it has been one of the cornerstones still for the Modern family law. Family law is close to all of us in some way, so we can easily communicate each other.


This course is related to General-propose competence "2. Ability for critical and creative thinking".
This course is related to Special competence "1. Understanding International Relations" and "2. Multidisciplinary Knowledge".

Course prerequisites

This course is available only for students who acquired the credits of Introduction to Social Sciences(1B90061) and Introduction to Law(BE21371).
The number of students is limited to 15-20.

Grading Philosophy

The number of students who can acquire grade A+ or A is limited to 30% of students registered.
Items and percentage of grading:
-Presentation at the class: 60%
Preparation(presentation movie)
Contents(points at issue or additional information)
The number how many questions or comments you get from audience
-Response: 40%
The number how many questions or comments you give to presenters
The number how many answers you give to the questions or comments

Course schedule

In the first 3 sessions, students should watch the videos made by lecturer on Microsoft Stream.
Then, students should make and upload a presentation video as to the Roman Family Law.
During the last 5 sessions, students should watch the videos made by other students and do response as below.
As to Presentation, students must follow this instruction:
-Each student should make a presentation video by Zoom, Powerpoint, or other application softs and upload it on Microsoft Stream.
(If you do not know how to make it, please let the Lecturer know. He will support you.)
-For the presentaiton, to choose 1 case (at least) from the textbook (below) and make a presentation about it
-To inform a choice of the case with the second and third options to the Lecturer by 29th April through [Surveys] on manaba
-To prepare a presentation video
-Presentation time is within 15 minutes.
-Students must mention followings in their presentation:
About the case what are you interested in?
What is the rule/rules the author of the text intended to state?
For what purpose the rule/rules was established in Roman society?
Is the rule/rules reasonable from your point of view?
What do you think about questions or comments of the authors?
-Students must upload the video by 23rd May.
-Students must watch all videos by 22nd June.
-After watching each video, students (except for the presenter) must send questions or comments to all videos through [Surveys] on manaba by the end of 5th period on 24th June.
-Presenters who accept the questions or comments must answer to them through Threads on manaba by 1st July.

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Other information

Your active participation to our class is highly welcomed.

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