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Business & administrative studies
College of Management
Main Campus
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February - June
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Thursday 8,9
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LibEdu1050 (H01E05000)

Exploring Taiwan: Film and Social Culture in Taiwan National Taiwan University

Course Overview

In this course we look closely at several Taiwanese films over the past two decades, and through them we intend to understand what prominent phenomena and changes have been taking place in Taiwan's social culture. As some of the films speak to the current socio-political conditions on this island, some reflect an emerging cultural trend, while others indicate social problems and propose what we can do in response. In any case, those films present themselves as various attempts to make conversations with Taiwanese society and Taiwanese people, and in this course we "read" those films as we also consider and discuss crucial social issues in Taiwan.

Learning Achievement

Through this course we expect to understand the social development vis-a-vis cinema in Taiwan. We look closely at the emergence of Taiwan New Cinema in the 1980s as well as the socio-political and -cultural contexts in which it emerged. This course moves on to discuss various subject matters and social trends in Taiwan from the 1990s on; we also look at the films produced in Taiwan in relation to those matters and trends.


Course prerequisites

Throughout the semester, the students are expected to fulfill a midterm assignment and submit the final paper. Each week the students will be asked to engage the recommended readings or films, most of which will be topics of class discussion. They will be encouraged to pursue readings/films beyond the recommendations. How the students respond to the discussions will be considered their overall performance in this course. The details of those assignment will be announced in class.

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Online Course Requirement


Kuo Jen-Feng

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