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Medicine & dentistry, Subjects allied to medicine
College of Health Sciences
Campus Carreire
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January - April
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English, French
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Food supplements: safety, efficiency, innovation University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

> Learning objectives: 

- To learn how taking into account biomolecule metabolism to ensure
safety and efficiency of food-supplement
- To learn the diversity of plants active compounds, their potential
behaviour after ingestion
- To learn regulations on food-supplements and why they are different
from drugs
- To learn how to find new interesting molecules
- To know the European market and opportunities

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- Prerequisites: Academic level: French licence 3 or Graduation.
Under-graduated students can follow the course if they can show a 5
years professional activity in the food-supplement area.
- Language prerequisites are either French mother language or English
with minimum TOEFL score of 550/213/79-80 or minimum IELTS score of
- Computer and internet requirement for online course

Grading Philosophy

Assessment is based on the analysis of 2 scientific publications

Course schedule

> The course on Food-supplements: Safety, Efficiency Innovation aims
at showing how to produce good quality food-supplements. It is
organized in 4units each counting 12 hours of lectures:

- Digestive interactions of Biomolecules with health benefits

- – Lectures are recorded and can be followed from abroad

– Each lecture has a quiz with solutions for self-assessment

      – Specific documents on food supplement regulations and
opinions on specific plants with health benefits are provided. Links
to specific websites of interest are also provided.
– Glossaries are proposed for knowledge refreshment
– All resources can be downloaded
– The assessment is proposed on scientific publication analysis
– Communication between students is organized with specific forum,
wiki and chats. 

Course type

The teaching mixes classroom lectures for Bordeaux students recorded and distance work. The course can be followed completely in distance learning and has been designed for that purpose. The course includes 4 teaching units each counting 12 hours of lecture. Quizzes are proposed for self-assessment. Analysis of scientific publication can be included in the evaluation.  - _80 hours in total = 4 ECTS_ - _48 hours lectures and 12 hours on quizzes = 2 ECTS_ - _20 hours private work on publications assessment = 2 ECTS _

Online Course Requirement


Other information

-      Maximum 30 French and English students (*maximum 60 students
if the analysis of scientific publications is not included) -    
 Selection upon achievements, grades, cover and recommendation
letters -      Selection criteria, is essentially motivation and
initial level. -      Selection criteria, sufficient back-ground
based on either academic performances or professional experiences -
     Satisfaction inquiries are proposed at the end of each lecture
units and at the end of the course to allow a continuous improvement

Duration: 8 hours of lectures and a total of 80 hours of work including 32 hours of personal work

Language of instruction: French or English upon choice
Mode of delivery: The teaching mixes classroom lectures for Bordeaux students recorded and distance work.

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Catherine Bennetau-Pelissero