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1 - 5
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Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects
Graduate General Education Course
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
Tsukuba Campus
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October - December
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Global Issues and Global Society: Environmental Pollution and Health Effects University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

1. The international community is facing various problems caused by several chemical exposure as "environmental pollution and health effects". In this course, substances that affect the human body and that are extensively present in the environment such as nanoparticles, exogenous endocrine disrupters such as dioxin, cadmium, arsenic, organochlorine compounds, methylmercury and organic tin will be covered.

2. It is related to the 3rd goal of the "Global Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDGs)" posed by the United Nations.

3. Clarification of issues related to sociality in the international community. Research to find solutions for the problems caused by the lack of sociality, actual situation of environmental pollution and health damage on the regional and global scale, lecture on the possibility of a scientific approach to problem solving. time for Q&A after the lecture.

4. Regarding "Roles of course coordinator", "class form" and "output", please follow the application form (attached document) stated in the general coordinator.
This Course series focuses on the topics of “Sustainable Developmental Goals” set by the United Nations, especially Goals 3.

Learning Achievement

1. Multinational various teachers to be invited and academic approaches to the relevant issues to be introduced. To deepen awareness of global issues facing the international community through discussions with the instructors and other participants.
2. To be able to sufficiently exchange opinions and have discussions with people inside and outside the university on the subject of SDGs (Sustainable Developmental Goals) presented by the United Nations. (Learning outcomes that enhance internationalization by taking lecturers related to SDGS)
3. To acquire the ability to discuss global environmental issues based on scientific evidence by deepening the understanding of the "environment and energy" that international society faces in relation to Goals 7, 9 & 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Learning outcomes that lead to the acquisition of knowledge that connects to specialized fields through top-class lectures based on cutting-edge research)


Master's level
 Ability to utilize knowledge, communication skills, and internationality
Doctoral level
 Ability to create knowledge, communication skills, and internationality

Course prerequisites

Interests in Environmental Pollution & Health Effects about global problems derived from a lack of stable social relationships. Motivation to actively participate in discussion during the lecture.

Grading Philosophy

(1) Evaluation method: Report assignment,
(2) Percentage: Class attendance comment sheet (40%), participation in Q&A (30%), and report (30%)
(3) Evaluation criteria: A+, A, B, C, or D is used as the grade for examinations in this course.

Course schedule

Day 1 Introduction
Day 2 Nanomaterials! Let's broaden our minds, Asbestos
Day 3 Effects of chemical exposure on central nervous system in animal models
Day 4 International regulation on ozone-depleting substances and health impact of alternatives
Day 5 Cadmium contamination of foods and its potential health risk
Day 6 Old but new? Health risks underlying methylmercury exposure
Day 7 Biological impacts of environmental chemicals via nuclear receptors
Day 8 Environmental chemicals and Biological Adaptive Response
Day 9 Global pollution of groundwater by arsenic and its versatile health effects in humans
Day 10 Exosome (life-course total exposure): A paradise shift in epidemiology

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Online Course Requirement


Ohbayashi Norihiko

Other information

Other courses in the "Global Issues and Global Society" series are closely related to this course, so students are encouraged to take those courses as well.
The basic format is face-to-face, but online (on-demand) sessions will be conducted as needed.

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