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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
Course delivery methods
Online (Synchronous)
Historical & philosophical studies
Master's Program in Heritage Studies
Master's Program in Heritage Studies
Tsukuba Campus
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July - August
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Global Learning: Heritage, Creativity and Art University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This is a hybrid online lecture-based course, which introduces inter- and intradisciplinary academic concepts, approaches, and case studies towards future-oriented heritage studies. Theme/s provided within this course will be changed every year.
 This course aims to provide students with an opportunity to learn about cross-cultural and international and interdisciplinary perspectives on heritage studies with the keyword "Creativity and Art" in Japanese and English. In addition to the theme of the "Designing Heritage Research" exercise, we will set a theme that matches the interests and current trends of each year's students and faculty, and discuss on theory, practices, case studies, and models.
 As 2023 is the very first year of this course, the focus will be on the "revitalization of Heritage”, with Geography (regional spatial transformation, urban culture, regional field research), Architectural Design (materials, structure, design history, field science), and Conservation Science (administrative collaboration, problem-solving science, scientific research methods) at the core, and researchers from fields other than above-mentioned those will be invited to participate. We will also include researchers from other disciplines (media studies, architecture, design studies, etc.) to introduce and discuss a wide range of topics from concepts and theories to practical examples.

Learning Achievement

A total of ten lectures will enable students to acquire a cross-disciplinary perspective and interdisciplinary scientific knowledge. In addition, the pur-pose-driven use of English will enable students to acquire a natural sense of internationalism. In this way, the possibility of a flexible systematization of "Global Heritage Studies" will be explored.



Course prerequisites

0ATV111「Global Project: Designing Heritage Research(グローバルに考究するヘリテージ研究デザイン)」と併せて履修すること(演習科目は履修人数の制限有り)/ Must be taken in conjunction with 0ATV111 "Global Project: Designing Heritage Research" (limited number of students in the seminar)

Grading Philosophy

授業中の発言,最終発表(レポート類の提出も含む)により評価する。/ Evaluation will be based on comments made in class and final presentation (incl. submission of reports).

Course schedule

昨年度に準じた予定 ハ)ハイブリット,対)対面のみ(オンライン対応困難)
①5/30 ハ)ガイダンス・池田担当回
②6/6  ハ)上北先生担当回
③6/13 ハ)松井先生担当回
④6/20 対)北原先生(仮想空間とヘリテージ)
⑤6/27 対)渡先生(プレイスメイキングとヘリテージ,デッサン演習)
⑥7/4  池田・上北・松井ラウンドテーブル
⑦7/11 ハ)Luise Rellensman(BTU)and Jens Casper(BTU)先生 ?Garagenmanifest“
⑧7/18 ハ)大谷悠先生(東京大,「ライプチヒ日本の家」「尾道迷宮堂」代表)
⑨7/25 ハ)Anne Gross, Sebastian Gross(BTU,東京工業大)
⑩8/4 学生発表(演習参加者の評価)

H) Hybrid (online and in-person), I) In-person/ J) Japanese, E) English
①5/30 H)Dr. Mariko Ikeda, J
②6/6  H) Dr. Yasufumi Uekita, J
③6/13 I)Dr. Itaru Kitahara, J
④6/20 H) Dr. Toshiya Matsui, J
⑤6/27 I)Dr. Kazuyoshi Watari (place-making and heritage), J/E
⑥7/4  Round table and discussion, J
⑦7/11 I/H)Anne Gross, Sebastian Gross(studio gross), E
⑧7/18 H)Luise Rellensman(BTU)and Jens Casper(BTU) ?Garagenmanifest“, E
⑨7/25 H)Dr. Yu Otani(Japanisches Haus in Leipzig, Germany), J/E
⑩8/4 Students' presentation

Course type

Lectures and Class Exercises

Online Course Requirement


Ikeda Mariko,Uekita Yasufumi,Matsui Toshiya

Other information

[2022年度]講義は,日本語・英語で実施予定です。/ Some lectures will be given in English.

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