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Business & administrative studies
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September - January
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Thursday 2,3,4
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Global Market Management National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Business today is by all measures -- global. No business or industry of any size is immune from the global environment. Understanding the global economy, therefore, is important for all people engaged in business regardless of the size or type of business. This course will consist of the basic areas of global market management. The course explores the interrelation of government and business across borders and the economic dynamics between countries/regions, including a general overview of global business environment, foreign direct investment and entry strategies. The class will also discuss the management of global market and review several cases studies that epitomize the issues involved in today’s global world. In general, the major topics of global business will be discussed to give students a basic level of knowledge and skills involved in today’s global business environment. This is an introductory course about global market management and, therefore, a significant portion of the class will be taught through lectures, but we also will include guest speakers, video clips, class discussion and readings on current issues. The students, therefore, must keep up with readings and participate to the extent able with general discussions on the theories and material presented in class.

Learning Achievement

The primary objective of this course is to introduce the students to the global market to obtain a basic introduction regarding this subject matter and the major issues involved therein. The course will cover basic terminology and theoretical as well as practical implications. In particular, this course has the following specific objectives: 1. To give students the knowledge and understanding of the unique aspects involved doing business internationally on a business, legal and political level. 2. To understand strategies used by business in the international market on a competitive basis. 3. To understand the cultural effect on business and to analyze the ethics involved in cross border transactions 4. To learn and apply skills learned in the class to current on-going issues involved in today�fs global market. 5. The students will learn the issues involved in entering foreign markets, global production and outsourcing as well as logistics and supply chain issues. 6. To understand the issues involved in developing economies and the business and political issues surrounding the business and market dynamics. 7. Most importantly, the students hopefully will create a general awareness of global issues that will allow them deeper insight in world issues and will allow them to keep on top of issues that may affect them as individuals and as part of a larger entity.


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*Majors-only (including minor and double major students). *Restrict to 3rd-year and above.

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Chia-Ling (Eunice) Liu

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Department of Business Administration

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