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Medicine & dentistry
Medical School (FM)
São Paulo, Pinheiros campus
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January - January
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Inovations on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Arrhythmias, Syncope and Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death University of Sao Paulo

Course Overview

The risk assessment and treatment of heart rhythm disorders have been modified and advanced substantially in recent years, as a consequence of the development of the technology and recognition of the anatomical and electrophysiological substrates, autonomic modulation and, more recently, molecular origins of cardiac arrhythmias. These instruments provided earlier and more accurate diagnoses, as well as deepened pathophysiological knowledge at the functional, macroscopic and even at the ultra structural level. In this context, there has been constant progresses and accelerated development of new therapeutic options, pharmacological and non-pharmacological, for patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders. Therefore, the understanding of the methods used for its investigation, as well as the development of adequate critical analysis in the decision making to treat them are fundamental for the improvement of researchers in this broad area of __cardiology.

Learning Achievement

To update and motivate a critical analysis of the diagnosis approaches and management (both clinical and interventionists) of cardiac arrhythmias and syncope, as well as of prevention of sudden cardiac death. At the end, the student is expected to achieve a critical sense on the interpretation of the methods, recognizing its potentialities and limitations. Core Question How to diagnose and manage a patient with arrhythmia or syncope, recognizing the risk of sudden cardiac death and achieving the better therapeutic option, considering cost-effectiveness and the influence on the patient’s quality of life.


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Performance in the presentation and the content of seminars Assiduity Participation in discussions.

Course schedule

The course will be divided into 4 modules. The teachers will give classes on the state of the art of the selected topics and the students will be requested to prepare specific seminars. At the end, there will be an evaluation based on their performance in the seminars (content and didactics) and their participation in the discussions.

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Online Course Requirement


Denise Tessariol Hachul, Mauricio Ibrahim Scanavacca, Francisco Carlos da Costa Darrieux

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