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Intercultural Project University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

This module aims to develop students’ intercultural and language
skills by pairing up a domestic and an international/us student and
having them work together on a common project. Students willfirst work
on different thematic modules aimed at fostering a debate on a range
of ethical and social issues. Each dyad will then create a 5-10 minute
video or podcast on the topic of their choice. The project is to be
carried out in English by domestic students and in French by
international students.


To acquire an intercultural approach defined as the ability to: 

- manage linguistic and cultural communication within an international
and diverse context  - build and expand one’s linguistic and
cultural knowledge of the English and French language, for domestic
and international students respectively.  - question and put
societal issues into perspective  Develop transverse and transferable
skills: project management, international collaboration, research,
ability to question social issues, communication in a foreign
language, understanding of a different culture and society 


Domestic students from the University of Bordeaux will be able to: 

- prepare to go on a foreign exchange or add an international focus to
their higher education profile after completing an exchange program 
- add an international linguistic and cultural component to their
education by carrying out this project with an international student 
- improve their English language skills and intercultural competence
International/exchange students will be able to: 

- benefit from an enhanced cultural integration experience on campus
upon arrival at the university  - gain a deeper understanding of the
social aspects of the country they are visiting  - improve their
French language skills  - add an intercultural component to their
university experience

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- ACADEMIC LEVEL: Second year Science and Technology Bachelor
(domestic students). Any level for exchange students. 
- LANGUAGE PREREQUISITES: B1 level in English/French 
- INTERNET CONNECTION AND ENT ACCOUNT required to complete the online

Grading Philosophy


- Online activities on Moodle 
- Written assignment (partner’s profile or interview or conference
report, 200-300 words) 

FINAL ORAL EXAM (75% of the final mark) – end of spring semester :
average of 2 marks 

- Group Project - group mark: video or podcast (5-8 minutes)
- Group oral presentation of the project in front of a jury -
individual mark (20 minutes)

Course schedule

Each dyad (1 Science and Technology student from the University of
Bordeaux and 1 international exchange student at the University of
Bordeaux) will have to complete the following:

1) a. Online activities on the Intercultural Project Moodle page - in
English for University of Bordeaux domestic students and in French for
international/exchange students. 

Students will be able to choose one of the two modules available-
Ethics and Mobility - and will complete the listening and reading
activities on all of the topics below: 

- socio-economic, legal and environmental issues,
- health and social issues 
- science and technology issues.

1) b. Written assignment: Students will also write a 200-300 word
profile or interview of their partner or conference report in English
or French, depending on the language studied.

2) Face-to face tutorials: The aim of these tutorials is for students
to check their progress on the different assignmentsplanned and for
dyads to work on their projects guided by theirteachers, with a
specific focus on the intercultural approach.

Based on the activities completed on Moodle, students will carry out
their project (a 5-8 minute video or podcast) and present it in front
of a jury and other students. The final projectwill be in English for
domestic students and in French for International/exchange students.

3) An oral presentation of the project in both languages in front of a
board of examiners formed by one English and oneFrench (FLE) teacher.
This presentation will take place with 2-3 other groups.

Course type

Online modules, project-based work, tutorials. 24H = 7 CONTACT HOURS ORGANISED AS FOLLOWS:  - 1h lecture - first general meeting and course presentation  - 1h tutorial - pairing up students, choosing topics for the project - 1h tutorial - Progress check : Moodle work and written assignment  - 1h20 tutorial – Progress check : final project 15-minute →slots per dyad  - 1h20 tutorial – Final progress check before oral exam  - 1h20 assessment – Oral exam (10-15 minute presentation in both languages in front of a board of examiners formed by one English and one French (FLE) teacher, followed by adiscussion (20 minutes per dyad). This presentation will take place with 2-3 other groups (1h20 presence time in total)  17 HOURS OF DISTANCE-BASED LEARNING (to be confirmed)

Online Course Requirement


Other information

- Maximum 12 domestic students + 12 international/exchange students 
- Students are selected based on their language level (B1 and above)
and motivation to take part in the project.
- Selection procedure (for domestic students): - Email detailing estimated English level (English
marks semester 3 and/or CEFRL level) and reason for choosing the
course to be sent by 15th October 2021 (this date may change). 
- 5 minute interview with teacher if pre-selected

SELECTION PROCEDURE (for exchange students):

Email detailing estimated French
level (FLE marks semester 3 and/or CEFRL level) and reason for
choosing the course. 

- 5 minute interview with teacher if pre-selected.


- Continuous assessment (25% of the final mark) Online/distance work
and written assignment  - Final exam (75% of the final mark):
average of 2 marks  - Final project (group mark)  - Project
presentation (individual mark) 

Duration: 24h - spring semester

Language of instruction: English and French
Mode of delivery: Blended learning

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Sara Garfield (contact for domestic students)

Véronique Teichmann (contact for exchange students)