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Standard Academic Year
2 - 4
Course delivery methods
Online (Synchronous)
Social studies, Law
School of Social and International Studies
Tsukuba Campus
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January - February
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International Human Rights Law University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course is composed of three parts. Part I “Invitation to International Human Rights Law” covers the basics of humanity, international society and international law. Part II “Basics of International Human Rights Law” discusses the basics of international human rights law such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants on Human Rights. Part III “Issues” deals with issues in international human rights law such as women, children, refugees and stateless persons. In the third part, students may be required to make an oral presentation depends on the number of students.

Learning Achievement

1. Be able to understand the basics of international human rights law and analyse international issues from the perspective of international human rights law.
2. Be able to identify the significance and limitation of international human rights law.


This course is designed to develop the following competencies.

General-propose competencies
- Communication ability
- Critical and creative thinking skills
- Internationalism and broad views of things
- Team-working, independence, autonomy

Special competencies
- Understanding international relations
- Multidisciplinary Knowledge
- Fundamentals of negotiation skills
- Policy-related fundamental skills
- Cross-cultural awareness skills
- Project analysis and completion skills

Course prerequisites

Students should have a passion for learning international human rights law in English. Prior learning experiences of international law or in English is not required.

Grading Philosophy

Contribution to discussion (20%), Presentation (30%), 2000-word Final Paper (50%)
This may change depends on the number of students upon consultation with them.

Course schedule

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Online Course Requirement



Other information

This course welcomes native and non-native English speakers of both Undergraduate Program of International Social Studies (TISS) of the School of Social and International Studies and other colleges and programmes.
Identical to BB28071.
Lecture is conducted in English.
Online(Synchronous) Classes and office hours are conducted using Zoom, and manaba is used to share materials and submit assignments. Check Manama for further information by a few days before the first class.

Check manaba and university email frequently since the instructor may contact you.

Students in any college, school, or programme interested in international human rights law are welcome to take this course.
As a non-native English speaker, the instructor welcomes students who are not confident about their English skills. He will assist students in writing the final paper as well.
He also welcomes students with disabilities. He tries his best to make this class inclusive. This class will use live transcription and closed caption functions. If you need further assistance, please let him know.

It is students’ privilege to use faculty members, so feel free to talk to the instructor and ask any questions.

Site for Inquiry

Link to the syllabus provided by the university