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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
Course delivery methods
Online (Synchronous)
Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences
Joint Master's Program in International Development and Peace through Sport
Joint Master's Program in International Development and Peace through Sport
Tsukuba Campus
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July - August
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International Sport Policy Studies University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide students overviews of theory and practice in international sport policy. Student will study practical examples of current challenges and possibilities of sport policy in the United Kingdom and Europe, and develop a greater understanding of sport policy process and application through encouraging critical and open mind consideration regarding the validity and "power of sport" by taking two main case studies: (1) Sport for Development and (2) Olympic participation legacies.

Learning Achievement

Students will gain a global perspective, understand practical knowledge of accepting policy for IDS organization including “goal setting”, “partner involvement”, “evidence based evaluation” and “Autonomous improvement of governance", and develop advanced knowledge of international sport policy that is overcome social development issues and sustainable mega-sports events legacy initiatives.


1. General-propose competence: Knowledge application, Communication and Internationality
2. Degree program competence: Knowledge, analytical skills, and a sense of mission regarding international affairs and policies and global-scale issues,Global perspective and leadership that can be demonstrated in practice and Basic knowledge and practical skills in sports, physical education, and health

Course prerequisites

The person who has been contacted in advance and aiming to study/ practice on IDS studies and Olympic legacy, and actively discuss various topics related to int’l sport policy studies

Grading Philosophy

This course is assessed by coursework (including attendance and discussion in lectures) and Final presentation. The weighting is 40% coursework, 60% presentation.

Course schedule

Research ethics related to International sport policy studies
The power and Limit of sport
Essential knowledge of policy studies
Policy and social justice
Significance of sport policy figure
Evidence based policy
Policy Process of Monitoring & Evaluation
Significance of mega-event legacy
Olympic legacy discourse (London, Rio, Tokyo)
Critical discussion on Int’l sport policy
Final presentation

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Nagata Shinichi,Bloyce Daniel

Other information

Expect to require "the careful preparations" and "active participation in critical discussion"
This lecture will provide as a part of the session of TSI: IDS Module, so need to take "Int'l Sport Policy" at the same time.

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