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Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Internship in France University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

Students take this course by participating in at least a 5-month (700 h) internship at a company, a public or a private institute in France or overseas. Students will study the knowledge/skills toward writing comprehensive report and/or job-hunting as well as the culture of French corporates/institutions. Internship locations are chosen from either selected company who exchanged written agreements with University of Bordeaux, or other locations selected by the student and approved by the relevant program committee. Following their internships, students compile a report about the experience and make a presentation on it to faculty and their peers.

Learning Achievement

Before starting this internship, students need to discuss with teachers (instructor, research supervisor, and/or mentors) about how to link this internship activity to comprehensive report and/or job-hunting. In this course, students can study, from teachers (instructors, research supervisors and/or mentors) knowledge and techniques which are difficult to be obtained in the internship site. This learning hours from the teachers can be included in the 700 study hours of this course. 1. Internship Information Session(s)
2. Participation in Internship
3. Report Submission and Report Presentation


An internship allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical work situations and trains them to develop their competencies in a professional environment. Internships allow students to network in the professional fields of their chosen careers, offer opportunities for personal and professional development, and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.

Course prerequisites

To register in this course, students have to take “Job or Internship Hunting Including Technological Watch” during the 3rd semester. Students should firstly consult with the instructors in charge of the internship before a contact to companies/industries for internship.

Grading Philosophy

Students are evaluated by their report (50%) and the contents of their report presentation and Q&A (50%).

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Training/Lab Experiments/Practical Application

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Professors of University of Bordeaux (UBx)

Other information

This course may not be available if there are too many participants. Conducted in English at University of Bordeaux. For students of International Joint Degree Master’s Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health.
Identical to 01ER801.
Lecture is conducted in English.

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