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Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Internship in Taiwan II University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

Students enrolled in this course participate in internships at corporate sites and/or research institution off-site from the university in Taiwan. In this course, compared with Taiwan Internship III, students can study longer period in the corporate sties and/or research institution. Students will study the knowledge/skills toward writing comprehensive report and/or job-hunting as well as the culture of Taiwanese corporates/institutions. Students need to have daily discussion with the instructor, research supervisors, and/or mentors to accomplish comprehensive report writing and job-hunting. Following their internships, students compile a report about the experience and make a presentation on it to faculty and their peers.

Learning Achievement

1. Students will be able to survey companies and industries for internship, and to participate corporate internships.
2. Students will be able to make a presentation that summarizes their internship experience and what they have learned from it.
3. Students will be able to give consideration to issues related to Food and Health in Europe and understand those relationship with overseas including Asian countries. Further the students will understand the relationship between R & D and social demands related to those issues.
4. Student will be able to utilize the experience of this internship activities for writing comprehensive report.
5. Students will be able to find the corporation for job-hunting.


Through participation in internships, students will be able to write comprehensive report and/or job-hunting.

Course prerequisites

Together with the instructor, contact to companies/industries for internship.

Grading Philosophy

Students are evaluated by their report (50%) and the contents of their report presentation and Q&A (50%). Grading Criteria is A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, and C+/C/C- (Failure).

Course schedule

Before starting this internship, students need to discuss with teachers (instructor, research supervisor, and/or mentors) about how to link this internship activity to comprehensive report and/or job-hunting. In this course, students can study, from the teachers, knowledge and techniques which are difficult to be obtained in the internship site. This learning hours from the teachers can be included in the 540 study hours of this course.
1. Internship Information Session(s)
2. Participation in Internship
3. Report Submission and Report Presentation

Course type

Training/Lab Experiments/Practical Application

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Professors of National Taiwan University (NTU)

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