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Standard Academic Year
Course delivery methods
Online (Synchronous), face-to-face
Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects
International Joint Degree Master's Program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health
Tsukuba Campus
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August - September
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Introduction of Agro-Biomedical Science University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

"Food" and "Health," two issues central to human existence, are inseparable in their relationship. Food-related health problems and lifestyle-related diseases, threats to food security, and the increasing cost of medical care are just some of the many challenges society now faces. In this course, students will study the scientific fundamentals to understand such Food and Health issues, especially focusing on “Relationship between Food and Health”, “Health Security”, and “Food Security”. The global view of “Health and Food related issues” will be given by the instructors from University of Tsukuba as well as University of Bordeaux and National Taiwan University. In addition, to understand “Research Ethics”, we will introduce the learning material, GLidD, in the course.

Learning Achievement

1. General Overview: What Is Agro-Biomedical Science? (Yoshito Kumagai,
Yuichi Yamaoka)
2. Food Security I: (Hiroshi Ezura, Chiaki Matsukura, Lombardo Fabien Claude Renaud)
3. Health Security I: (Masao Ichikawa, Kazuya Morikawa, Yasuhiro Shinkai, Zheng Ling)
4. Food Resources and Health I: (Yutaka Kitamura, Kiyokazu Ujiie, Junichi Peter Abe, Ryosuke Ohniwa)
5. Food Security II: ((Ryosuke Ohniwa), Ming-Ju Chen, Suming Chen)
6. Health Security II: ((Ryosuke Ohniwa), Chang-Chuan Chan, Chau-Ti Ting, Han-Yi E. Chou)
7. Food Resources And Health II: ((Ryosuke Ohniwa), Tang-Long Shen, TsaiKun Li, Chih-Kang Chiang)
8. Food Security III: ((Chiaki Matsukura), Catherine Bennetau, Pierre Pétriacq)
9. Health Security III: ((Chiaki Matsukura), Thierry Noel, Michel Hernould)
10. Food Resources and Health III: ((Matsukura), Dominique Rolin)


Students will acquire fundamental knowledge relating to food security, health security, the connection between food resources and health, and contemporary global issues related to food and health.

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Students are evaluated by their class participation and report assignments. A passing grade (“C” or greater) requires students to sufficiently show an understanding of global issues in food and health from their report assignments. A “B” grade may be awarded to students who, in addition to this, show a thorough understanding of issues in food security and health security from their report assignments. Furthermore, an "A" grade may be awarded to students who, in addition to these, show to be consistently participative in class through questions and discussion, and show that they are able to connect their classwork with their Comprehensive Report on Integrated Themes and career pathway planning. The deadline of the report submission is two weeks after the last lecture.

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Online Course Requirement


Chen Suming,Bennetau Catherine,Hernould Michel,Chan Chang-Chuan,Chen Ming-Ju,Noël Thierry,LOMBARDO Fabien Claude Renaud,Zheng Ling,Petriacq Pierre,Yamaoka Yuichi,Kumagai Yoshito,Ezura Hiroshi,Kitamura Yutaka,Abe Junichi P.,Ichikawa Masao,Matsukura Chiaki,Morikawa Kazuya,Ujiie Kiyokazu,Ohniwa Ryosuke,Li Tsai Kun,Shen Tang Long,Chou Han Yi E, CHIH-KANG,Yasuhiro Shinkai,Ohbayashi Norihiko,Ishii Atsushi

Other information

Contact the instructor to obtain permission before taking the course. Identical to 01ER101.
Lecture is conducted in English.
Online(Synchronous). face-to-face

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