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Course Jukebox

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Standard Academic Year
Semester 4
Course delivery methods
Social studies, Business & administrative studies
IUT Bordeaux
Campus Bastide
Course Offering Year
Course Offering Month
May - June
Weekday and Period
Course Number
UE42 - M4205

Introduction to Entrepreneurship University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

- In this transversal course, students use knowledge already acquired
in other multiples courses such as marketing, accountancy, finance,
law, etc.
- The course is based on group work and autonomous learning; the
course coordinator acts more as a "coach" than as a "teacher".

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- High-school diploma.
- B1-B2 in English.
- A personal laptop may help with group work.

Grading Philosophy

> Three grades are given to students:

- A personal grade (based on an individual quiz): 20%,
- A collective grade (based on the study of the business model of an
existing model of a new company, carried out in small groups of 3 to 4
students): 30%,
- A collective grade (based on the written and oral presentation of
the business model of a new company, carried out in groups of 5 to 6
students): 60%.

Course schedule

The course relies on the Business Model concept and more specifically
on the GRP model (see for more information). Firstly,
during an interactive lesson, students are asked to explain to each
other the different parts of a business model and, as a team, to
describe the business model of an existing company.

During three classes (4 hours each), students come up by teams of 5 or
6 with a business idea, they develop a draft business model to launch
the idea. Some personal work is required to complete the group work in
class. In particular, students may have to interact with potential
customers or suppliers in order to create the most realistic project
possible. The fourth class is dedicated to an individual quiz and the
preparation of the entrepreneurial project's oral presentation.

Finally, the oral presentation is conducted and ends with a discussion
with the teacher about the project presented.

Course type

- Interactive lessons based on flipped classroom method. - Self-study. - Oral presentation.

Online Course Requirement


Other information

Duration: 6 weeks
Study level: University Diploma in Technology
Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Face-to-face teaching, learning by doing pedagogy

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Estèle Jouison-Laffitte

Sylvie Castets

Stéphanie Cano

Claire Lartigaud