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Social studies
College of Social Sciences
Main Campus
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February - June
Weekday and Period
Tuesday 6,7
Course Number
PS4628 (302E52800)

Introduction to European Politics National Taiwan University

Course Overview

This course will give students a broad understanding of European politics. The course is organized thematically, covering issues such as federalism and devolution, the executive and legislature, political parties, elections and voting systems, the media, civil society, and race and ethnicity. Particular attention will be paid to the comparative study of different European countries across these issue areas. The final two weeks of the course will be devoted to class debates on some of the major contemporary issues in European politics, with topics for debate to be agreed between the instructor and students (possible topics may include immigration, the Greece crisis, Brexit, the rise of the far right, other topics may be suggested by the instructor or students).

Learning Achievement

By the end of the course, students will have: (1) A broad understanding of European politics (2) An awareness and ability to discuss some of the major contemporary issues facing Europe; (3) An understanding of the use of the comparative method for the study of European politics; (4) The ability to read academic texts in English; (5) Oral and written communication skills in the English language.


Course prerequisites

The final grade will be determined as follows: 10% attendance and class participation 20% class tests (up to 3 per semester, date to be notified one week in advance) 30% class debate (including presentation and participation in the debate) 40% final exam Students are expected to arrive for class on time and actively participate in class discussion. The use of mobile phones in class is not permitted.

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Mark Weatherall

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(College of Social Sciences) Department of Political Science

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