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Biological sciences
College of Science
Main Campus
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February - June
Weekday and Period
Monday 2,3,4
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Ocean5104 (241EU6010)

Introduction to Methodologies and Recent Discoveries National Taiwan University

Course Overview

This course is designed to guide students to learn about the organic matters in coral reef environment with a focus on the relatively overlooked dissolved organic matter. Coral reef ecosystem is highly productive and hosts a diverse community. To evaluate the sustainability of a reef ecosystem, we need to elucidate details on the organic nutrient cycling and thus such a research topic is emerging. During this course, we will go through recent discoveries on the biogeochemistry of the organic matter in reef waters around the world. We will also provide case studies to help students acquire analytical methods for characterizing organic matter. If funding is available, we will collect reef waters for hands-on practices. We will also conduct subsequent data analysis and interpretation to the environmental issues. Each week, the course will start by me giving a brief introduction to the assigned topic. We will then spend 40 mins discussing recent published research papers relevant to the topic and another 30-40 mins to compile the data from the published research papers. We will then make our own data analysis and interpretations. Students will be required to write a minimum of five-page final report on reviewing or research report of related topics about coral reef organic geochemistry.

Learning Achievement

(1) Students will know about our current understanding of reef water organic geochemistry. (2) Students will read many recently publications on reef water organic geochemistry. (3) Students will present the compiled data and provide interpretations for the data. (4) Students will identify challenges in research on organic geochemistry and seek for potential ways to overcome these challenges; compare with recently proposed research on tacking these challenges. (5) At the end of the course, students will be able to think critically and present their thoughts clearly. (6) Students will walk away from this course welcoming any questions about organic geochemistry in reef waters. (7) Ultimate goal: students will become conscious about the cycling of organic matter in coral reef waters and have knowledge on methods for characterizing organic geochemistry.


Course prerequisites

This course will be offered in English and thus, students must be able to understand English well enough to enroll. Students are required to read and present in English. This is a reading intensive course. Students are required to attend ALL classes. No more than two unexcused absences are permitted.

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Online Course Requirement


Huei-Ting Lin

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(College of Science) Graduate Institute of Oceanography, Chemical Oceanography Division

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