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LAW7605 (A21EM0760)

Introduction to the Common Law Trust National Taiwan University

Course Overview

This course introduces students to the common law trust, famously described by Maitland as 'the most distinctive achievement of English lawyers'. The trust is a device which allows for the management of rights, both personal and proprietary, for the benefit of others or for certain permitted purposes. So, for example, a person might set up a trust to manage rights for his or her infant children, for the purposes of investment, for securitisation, to relieve poverty in a particular city, and many other purposes. In this respect, the trust is an extremely flexible instrument, which is now being copied in many civil law jurisdictions. The topics to be covered are as follows: 1. What is a trust? 2. Principal categories of trusts 3. The uses of trusts 4. Creating trusts 5. Trusts for purposes 6. Limits of trusts 7. The administration of trusts 8. The position of settlors and beneficiaries 9. Remedies for breach of trust 10. The role of the court 11. Position of third parties TA :陳詠(Sandy Chen) E-mail

Learning Achievement

The course aims to help students understand: (1) the core principles, topics, and cases of the common law trust; (2) the legal methodology employed by common law jurists; (3) the legal style of the common law tradition.


Course prerequisites

Dear students, For those who want to take the course of [Introduction to Common Trust Law] but didn't get enrolled in the class in the first place, please come to get the registration code for the course from TA Sandy in room 2406 on the 4th floor of Wan Tsai Research Hall (the same building of where the law library is) during 9:00~12:00 in the morning on Feb. 20 (Mon.). We allow 20 more students to get enrolled in the class. TA Sandy

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