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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
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Biological sciences, Agriculture & related subjects, Physical sciences
Master's Program in Environmental Sciences
Joint Master's Degree Program in Sustainability and Environmental Sciences
Tsukuba Campus
B107 Nat. Sci.
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October - December
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Introduction to Water Environment University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This class aims to foster ability to understand principles of water resources issues in relation with regional issues based on scientific/ anthropogenic knowledge of hydrological cycle and water governance. The class consists of lectures on basics of hydrology and discussion on textbook of water governance/ policy.

Learning Achievement

The purpose of this class is to educate a capacity of understanding the water resources and water environment focusing on groundwater and surface water interaction from the view point of hydrological cycle and talent of clarifying the hydrological processes under a variety of environmental conditions. Additionally, students are encouraged to discuss actively on sustainable water resources management based on the real cases.


Specific knowledge and skills of environmental sciences/ sustainability environmental sciences; Communication skills

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Evaluation is performed by combination of exercises after the lectures, and quality of presentation and discussion during the class.

Course schedule

The course is performed by Face to Face (FtF) and online (synchronized). The students can participate in the course FtF either online considering their conveniences. Additionally, the course is recorded and the students can watch the recorded materials on demand. The instructor recommends that the students join the course FtF. The FtF is performed in the room #B107, Natural Science Building B (理科系棟B 107).
The course contents consist of two parts; Part 1 is a series of lectures on “Basic Information of Hydrology and Water Environment to understand the basic situation of water resources and environment based on a perspective of hydrological cycle and surface water and groundwater interaction; and Part 2 is a combination of presentation and discussion on the textbooks below.
Lecture 1: Introduction to hydrological cycle and water resources/ environment
Lecture 2: Introduction to groundwater and surface water
Lecture 3: Groundwater basic analysis
Lecture 4: Water environment issues
Lecture 5: Response of hydrological cycle system to climate change
Presentation and Discussion 1: response of hydrological cycle system to climate change
Presentation and Discussion 2: Alternative water resources and recycle program as effort to strengthen groundwater management in metropolitan Bandung
Presentation and Discussion 3 and 4: Water resources management in Ho Chi Minh City; Study of the management of groundwater resources in Sri Lanka
Presentation and Discussion 5: Groundwater quantity management in Osaka City, and groundwater quality management in Tokyo
Presentation and Discussion 6 and 7: Water and Climate Change: Impacts on GW Resources and Adaptation Options 1 and 2

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Online Course Requirement


Tsujimura Maki

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