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Japanese Culture University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

・To understand Japanese culture, history, and etiquette.
・To learn about Japanese customs, traditions, and manners from the perspective of cross-cultural communication.
・To learn business etiquette in Japan based on an understanding of the principles of protocol (international etiquette).

Learning Achievement

・To learn the etiquette and behavior that are important for living in Japan and connect them to your desired future.
・To learn about Japanese customs and manners, such as weddings, funerals, and ceremonies and compare them with your own country’s culture, so that you can build a bridge for cross-cultural communication.


Among the Generic Competences of the bachelor's program in UT (University of Tsukuba), this course corresponds with "Communication Ability", "Broad Perspective and International Character" and "Mental and Physical Health, Humanity, and Ethics". The specific contents are as follows.
・To explore the essence of global etiquette and protocols essential for UT students in today's increasingly internationalized world.
・To understand Japanese customs, traditions, and business manners which are beneficial for the student's future career.
・To learn global etiquette for volunteering at international sports competitions or events.

Course prerequisites


Grading Philosophy

Final exam scores: 60%, Achievements of practices: 40%

Course schedule

The 10 lessons will be held on the following schedule.
No.1; October 4th Tuesday (10:10-11:25)「Orientation and What is Japanese Omotenashi?」
No.2; October 11th Tuesday (10:10-11:25)「Importance of First Impression, Various Japanese Etiquette」
No.3; October 18th Tuesday (10:10-11:25) 「Culture of Japanese Cuisine」 then let’s have real “Obento” for your lunch.
No.4; January 10th Tuesday (10:10-11:25)「Japanese Rites of Passage」
No.5; January 17th Tuesday (10:10-11:25)「Japanese Annual Events and Festival」
No.6; January 19th Thursday (12:15-13:30)「Undokai (The Sports Day)」
No.7.8; January 24th Tuesday (15:15-18:00)「Manner in Japanese-style rooms, How to wear KIMONO」
No.9; January 31th Tuesday (10:10-11:25)「Calligraphy」
No.10; February 7th Tuesday (10:10-11:25) 「Business Etiquette in Japan」
Final Test (term end exam); February 10th Friday
The final exam will be delivered using the manaba small test section.
It will be delivered at 10:10 on Friday, February 10th , so please access the manaba to answer the questions, and submit them by 23:59 on February 14th Tuesday.

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Egami Izumi

Other information

Participate positively. No delay and no permission on to leave the classroom in the midst of the coursework.
I hope that you will actively engage in the class so that you can apply it to your daily life in Japan and use it in your job hunting activities in the future.

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