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Biological sciences, Computer Science, Mass communications & documentation
Degree Programs in Comprehensive Human Sciences
Master's Program in Informatics
Tsukuba Campus
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April - June
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Kansei and Cognitive Information University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course examines human kansei and cognitive activities as a prerequisite for studying media science. The course consists of lectures on: (1) Perceptual and cognitive processes in the human senses, sensing and display technologies based on these processes, and sensory media research using these technologies, (2) Psychological methodology and results of object recognition and movement learning related to interface design, and, (3) The relation of kansei information to creative activity and their evaluation criteria. Application of such kansei, cognitive, and biokinematic information to design inspiration and product development will also be discussed.

Learning Achievement

(1) Overview of the course; synopsis and introduction to individual topics (Morita, Lee, Hiraki)
(2) Perceptual and cognitive processes in human senses and sensing / display technology (1) (Hiraki)
(3) Perceptual and cognitive processes in human senses and sensing / display technology (2) (Hiraki)
(4) Introduction to multi-sensory media research using human perception (Hiraki)
(5) Object recognition: basic characteristics and recent researches (Morita)
(6) Movement learning: basic characteristics and recent researches (Morita)
(7) Object recognition or movement learning: methodology (Morita)
(8) Ethymology of Kansei related with creativity and brain sciences (Lee)
(9) Examples of interactive design for supporting brain activity (Lee)
(10) Physical, Biological, Psychological information applied Kansei design approaches (Lee)


Communication ability, Semantic research ability, Media expertise

Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Assignments will be given based on course objectives and graded by following policy.
Report on each topic, contents of presentation, and/or degree of active participation to discussions in the online synchronous class will be evaluated in terms of knowledge, logic, development, correctness of expression, etc.
Grades will be evaluated by each lecturer, and the overall grade scores will be decided by summing them with equal weight. You can earn credits by getting a score of 60% or more of the perfect score. Grade A+ to C will be also determined by the total score above.

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Online Course Requirement


Morita Hiromi,Lee Seung Hee,Hiraki Takefumi

Other information

Classes are offered in English in even-years and in Japanese in odd-years, respectively; Special subjects for Media Science
Identical to 01MBB10.
Hybrid or Others
1st Online Asynchronous, 2nd-4th Online Synchronous, 5th-10th Online Asynchronous Others: 1st Online Asynchronous, 2nd-4th Online Synchronous, 5th-10th Online Asynchronous.
All class-related information and notifications will be given on manaba, including access to class material and lecture video recordings, how to attend online asynchronous class, announcement and submission of course assignments and attendance tasks, etc.

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Hiromi Morita,Seung Hee Lee,Takefumi Hiraki

Email address:,,

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