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Law, Public Policy and Business Strategy regarding Cultural and Creative Industries University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

Creative industries are sectors of organized activity whose principal purpose is the production, promotion, distribution and/or commercialization of goods, services and activities of a cultural, artistic or heritage-related nature. Creative industries not only generate economic wealth at the national and regional levels but also produce cultural values and identity that are indispensable for humankind. Creative industries can promote nation or regional branding and soft power. What exist in the core of creative industries are cultural values or products that can be protected as intellectual property. Intellectual property rights to cultural values or products support a diverse range of business activities in creative industries. While capturing these characteristics from a wider perspective, this course aims to give students an opportunity to gain the basic knowledge of intellectual property strategy, together with business strategy insights as well as legal and industrial policy perspectives, regarding several selected sectors of the creative industries.

Learning Achievement

In this course, you are expected to gain the following knowledge: • analytical viewpoints for the analysis of government policies for cultural and creative industries (CCI); • the basic structure of the copyright system that supports various types of business practices in the CCI field, including art, film, music, animation, and publishing; • legal points in relation to activities that generate creative or artistic works in the CCI field; • various types of business strategies in accordance with legal and policy frame- works for the promotion of art and media entertainment contents; • law, public policies and business strategies for the promotion of branding regarding food and drink products (e.g. wine) for the purpose of local food and agriculture clusters; and • international comparative perspectives regarding the above-mentioned points.


Analytical skills based on the understanding of the important correlation between law, public policy and business strategy in several selected sectors of cultural and creative industries (CCI), including art, film music, animation, publishing, food and drinks (e.g. wine). Basic legal knowledge regarding intellectual property law in the field of cultural and creative industries International comparative perspectives regarding law, public policy and business strategy in the field of cultural and creative industries

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Grading Philosophy

Active participation in the lectures: 50%. A research paper to be emailed to me by Friday 7th February: 50%. You are to write a research paper regarding a topic that you regard as important for the promotion of CCI (Cultural and Creative Industries). The topic you are expected to choose can be from the topics dealt within the lectures or any other source that you think is important in terms of considering the promotion of CCI. The research paper you will write should be 3 pages with A4 size.

Course schedule

Day 1Overview of Cool Japan Strategy and several analytical points about CCI (Lecture 1 + Lecture 2) Day 2The basics about the copyright system for CCI (Lecture 3 + Lecture 4) Day 3Law and creativity in artistic works (Lecture 5 + Lecture 6) Day 4Several points about business practices and strategies in CCI + brand strategy, law and policy for drink and food industries (Lecture 7 + Lecture 8) Day 5Brand strategy, law and policy for drink and food industries (Lecture 9 + Lecture 10)

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Online Course Requirement


Toru Kodama

Other information

Professor Toru Kodama at Ryutsu Keizai University in Japan will provide this course. Identical to 01PC340. Lectures are conducted in English.

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