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1, 2
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Business & administrative studies
MBA Program in International Business
MBA Program in International Business
Tokyo Campus
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April - May
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Law, Public Policy and Business Strategy regarding Cultural and Creative Industries University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) are sectors of organized activity whose principal purpose is the production, promotion, distribution and commercialization of goods, services and activities of a cultural, artistic or heritage-related nature. CCI produces cultural values that are deeply connected with human emotions. CCI not only generates economic wealth at the national and regional levels but also produces cultural identity that is indispensable for humankind. CCI contributes to facilitating national or regional branding and soft power.
While capturing these characteristics from a wider perspective, this course aims to give students an opportunity to gain the basic knowledge of law, public policy and business strategy regarding several selected sectors of CCI, especially the media and entertainment industry and the food industry.

Learning Achievement

In this course, you are expected to gain an analytical insight into the following points:
•the important correlation between intellectual property law (especially copyright law), public policy and business strategy regarding the media and entertainment industry
•the important correlation between food marketing and consumer psychology, based on the knowledge of the multisensory psychology of wine and food experiences
•international comparative perspectives regarding the above-mentioned points


•Creative ability, analytical thinking ability, strategic planning ability, and risk management ability.
•Basic understanding of law, public policy and business strategy regarding CCI
•Basic legal knowledge regarding intellectual property law, especially copyright law, in relation to the media and entertainment industry
•Strategic planning ability for food marketing and consumer psychology

Course prerequisites


Grading Philosophy

•Active participation in the lectures: 50%. A research paper to be emailed to the instructor by 11:59 pm on Monday, 3rd June, 2024: 50%.
•You are expected to write a research paper regarding a topic that you regard as important for the promotion of CCI (Cultural and Creative Industries). The topic you are supposed to choose can be from the topics dealt within the lectures or any other source that you think is important in terms of considering the promotion of CCI.
•The research paper you will write should be around 3 pages with A4 size.

Course schedule

Day 1: Cultural Diplomacy and CCI/Part1 (Lecture 1 + Lecture 2)
Day 2: The basics of law, public policy and business strategy regarding the media and entertainment industry/Part1 (Lecture 3 + Lecture 4)
Day 3: The basics of law, public policy and business strategy regarding the media and entertainment industry/Part2 (Lecture 5 + Lecture 6)
Day 4: The basics of law, public policy and business strategy regarding the media and entertainment industry/Part3 (Lecture 7 + Lecture 8)
Day 5: Food marketing and consumer psychology (Lecture 9 + Lecture 10)

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Online Course Requirement


Kodama Toru

Other information

Class attendance and withdrawal policy;
Once registered for a course, a student may withdraw from the course without penalty by notifying the instructor before the THIRD CLASS MEETING of the course. Absence without notice may result in a failing grade and the student may receive a “D.” Courses will be closed for registration after the second class meeting.

Notice of Class Cancellation and Make-up classes;
Check the notice posted on mailing list, bulletin board in front of the Academic Service Office. Instructor will also make every attempt to inform each enrolled students by email of any changes in schedule.


Identical to 01PC340. Lectures are conducted in English.

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Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

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