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Standard Academic Year
Course delivery methods
Institute for Educational Science
Course Offering Year
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October - February
Weekday and Period
maximum 30 (Slots available for CiC students:2)
3 ECTS for participation; 5 ECTS for participation and term paper
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Learning analytics dashboards as a means to support teaching and learning Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Course Overview

The use and analysis of data to enhance learning and teaching is currently receiving a lot of interest and attention. Data from digital learning environments as well as information and communication technologies can be used and analysed automatically and with a high degree of variety and granularity. When data is used to support teaching and learning processes, the term „learning analytics“ is often used. 

In this course, concrete learning analytics dashboards will be analysed, interpreted and designed by students. Based on current research, aspects relevant to the use of learning analytics will be discussed in detail; possible challenges in the implementation and use of analytics will be identified; and examples of a wide variety of visualisations and dashboards will be collected, presented and interpreted. One focus will be on the use of such dashboards in the school context. Students will work their way through different steps, e.g. developing, discussing and evaluating pen-and-paper prototypes, creating wireframes and analysing real dashboards. The knowledge gained throughout the course will be used to design (i.e. conceptualise, not program) a dashboard. 

The course will be conducted in English. All literature will be announced and distributed during the course (and will be in English as well).

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

Grading Philosophy

Course schedule

five sessions, all on a Saturday, always from 10am to 2pm Central European Time:

Session 1: October 21
Session 2: November 4
Session 3: November 18
Session 4: December 2
Session 5: December 16

exam will be a term paper

Course type

Online Course Requirement

to get a certificate of attendance (3 ECTS):
- attendance and active participation during on all five sessions of the course
- regular group work to design a dashboard
- group presentation of dashboard
- written group report about the dashboard

to get a grade (5 ECTS):
- all of the above
- term paper


Prof. Dr. Maren Scheffel

Other information

Please email Prof. Scheffel with the subject line "UNIC course participation" using the following email address:

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