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Biological sciences, Physical sciences, Social studies
School of Integrative and Global Majors
Bachelor's Program in Global Issues
Tsukuba Campus
9G401 9G401
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October - December
Weekday and Period
Mon4,5 Intensive
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Literacy in Global Issues (Human) University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

This course focuses on specific approaches to the global issues of social diversity-inclusion as well as human health-wellbeing. Taking concrete examples, students can deepen basic knowledge of the global governance and well-being.

Learning Achievement

The academic goals of this course are as follows.
- To be able to get basic knowledge and perspective of global governance for tackling the global issues and cultivating literacy
- To be able to get basic knowledge and perspective of well-being tackling the global issues and cultivating literacy


This coursework links up with the academic goal of the BPGI "Social diversity-inclusion" and "Health and wellbeing," with a special focus on:
- [General competences]
Transferable knowledge for working on the Global Issues
- [Specific competences]
Basic and expert knowledge for working on the Global Issues
Imagination, creativity, and application for future plans
Analysis and Management for solving the issues
Research and inventiveness for addressing the issues

Course prerequisites

Basically for students enrolled in Bachelor's Program in Global Issues.
Other cases should be inquired.

Grading Philosophy

Class participation (active discussion, preparation of readings, in-class presentations) 50%
Final report (essay assignment) 50%

Course schedule

[Social Diversity] Intensive (October 15-16, November 12-13)
[Health & Well-being] Fall AB Monday 4-5 periods (Oct 3, 17, 24, 31, Nov 14)
[Health & Well-being] Fall A Monday 4-5 periods (Sandoval A.)
1. Basic concepts of health and well-being, Understanding health risks
2. Social determinants and the health of vulnerable populations
3. Health behavior and well-being, Improving and promo
[Social Diversity: Intercultural Communication] Intensive Fall B, to be comfirmed (Aoki, K)
1. Cabo Verdean Music and Intangible Cultural Heritage
2. Japanese Living in Cabo Verde : Songs about Japanese Fishermen and Karate
3. African Community in Lis
[Social Diversity: Global Education] Intensive Fall A, Intensive lecture (October 15-16) (Delakorda, T)
1. Introduction to sustainable development and global education (The history and framework of the SDGs)
2. ESD and peace education trends in Japan

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Morio Takahiro,Shibata Ai,AKIYAMA Hajime,Sandoval Felipe

Other information

Be proactive to have basic and solid knowledge, without being lost on the Internet.
Be eager to build an original perspective.
Be interactive during classes, and do not be afraid to make mistakes.

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