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Standard Academic Year
Intended for semester 2-6
Course delivery methods
Business & administrative studies
Faculty of Management and Economics
Institute of Management (ifu)
RUB main campus
classroom changes frequently, please check eCampus after registration for further information
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Course Offering Month
October - February
Weekday and Period
Please check course website for information about weekday and period.
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Management Game “General Management” Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Course Overview

The computer-based management game models structure and functions of industrial companies. Participants represent the boards of directors and have to make group-decisions in almost all fields of management. The groups are in competition against each other and have to cope with challenging scenarios. Furthermore students must defend their decisions and explain their strategy in several presentations.

Learning Achievement

The students identify key success factors and recognize interdependencies of the functional
areas of the company. Building on this, they apply their knowledge to solving specific business
challenges and develop and implement a consistent corporate strategy. A particular challenge
is coping with conflict situations in a team, uncertainty and time pressure. Further soft skills and
management skills such as time management and complexity management are trained.


Qualification targets: The students shall experience the interdependencies of different aspects of management. They are supposed to handle complex problems and to make group-decisions under uncertainty and time pressure. Thus soft-skills and management-skills like technical, conceptual and social skills are trained by this management game.
Imparted soft skills: Analytical thinking, Independent studying and learning, Project/time management, Presentation of scientific results, Presentation techniques/language competencies, Team work and capacity for team work, Ability to give and receive critism

Course prerequisites

Knowledge of the modules „Kostenrechnung“,
(cost accounting) “Jahresabschluss” (financial
accounting) and Finanzierung und Investition“
(finance and investment) is required.

Grading Philosophy

The final module examination consists of a written exam.
A maximum of 30 points can be achieved in the written exam. Additional study achievements
can be achieved in the form of special tasks related to the management game, for which a
maximum of 7 bonus points can be achieved.
The module score results from a scale of points ranging from zero to 32 points.
The bonus points are also credited if the final module examination would not have been passed
without the bonus points. The bonus points remain valid until they can be earned again.

Course schedule

Week1: Introduction
Week 2: followed by Week 3 to the Final Week

Course type

Study group

Online Course Requirement

communication platform: moodle


Dr. rer. oec. Martin Seidler
Dr. Roland Düsing
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Knauer

Other information

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: For questions related to the content and the schedule of the course, please contact
Mr. Jan Wüstenfeld

For all kind of technical and practical questions, please contact Ms. Laura Santisi.

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