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Business & administrative studies
College of Management
Main Campus
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September - January
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Thursday 7,8,9
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Management National Taiwan University

Course Overview

What is management?

Management is a science supported by facts and figures, but it is also an art dependent on personal perspectives and views.

Management bases upon theories that evolves with time and changes, but it emphasizes a lot on practices which require skills and techniques.

This course aims to introduce the fundamental concepts of management, essential managerial tasks, strategies and skills, structures and operations in modern organizations relevant to our experiences today. This course is intended to assist students to learn various management practices and how such practices might impact on the operation of organizations and its performance in the global marketplace. Topics of the course include evolution of management thought, ethics and organizational culture, leadership, human resource management and information technology in management.

Students will also benefit from the instructors extensive management experiences and insights which would give students a deeper understanding of realistic management practices.

Students will not only learn cases in the western business world but also gain understandings on how Asian business are managed through studying business cases from Taiwan.

Furthermore, students will connect the contemporary management concepts to the ancient wisdom of Confucius whose fifteen sayings on the governance and management from Lunyu (Analects of Confucius) will be shared by the instructor in the class.

**Students who like to take this course but could not register online, please come to the first class on Sep 22 and obtain the authorization code from Dr. Hsieh or correspond with him by email ( before the class.

***For those students who are interested in taking this course, so far there are still some openings, please make sure to come to the first class on Sep 22!!

Learning Achievement

In this course, students will learn important subjects on Management through lectures, discussions, group study, quiz, and case study presentations.

On completion of this course a student should be able to:

1.Understand the concept of management

2.Acquire knowledge of various management strategies and techniques

3.Understand the role of organization management to maintain competitiveness in the global marketplace


Course prerequisites

*Majors-only (including minor and double major students).

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Online Course Requirement



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