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Standard Academic Year
1, 2
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Online (Asynchronous)
Biological sciences, Computer Science, Mass communications & documentation
Master's Program in Informatics
Master's Program in Informatics
Tsukuba Campus
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October - December
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Media Design University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

From the knowledge of art, design and technical expressions in media, students understand the mechanism of information design, and learn techniques of real world oriented interaction and infographics through hardware production and software production. In recent years, the real world oriented interaction has attracted attention from the industry due to the spread of information devices such as smart phones and wearable terminals, and the content creator is required to design the contents for such ubiquitous display and communication tools by applying the concept of infographics. In this course, based on the graphic design method, students cultivate the skill that they can discuss about visual expression, perform an exhibition as an application of their knowledge, and acquire the skills to use in real world such as making visuals related to it and making captions.

Learning Achievement

Learn the basics context for discussing information design / digital media expression and the basic skill to create the digital media and contents.


Qualitative research competence and media expertise

Course prerequisites

Students interested in visual expression, media art, digital fabrication and content creation are welcome to attend.

Grading Philosophy

Evaluation by Submission of Assignments
Criteria for credit: Students will be required to submit a work (manaba report) for each of the objectives listed in the course objectives and will be evaluated as follows.
1. Reflection of keywords in class content.
2. Attempts at new expression.
3. Degree of completion.
Each evaluation item will be graded on A+, A, B, C, and D for each of the three criteria, and the score will be converted into a numerical value. A score of 60 or higher is considered to be a passing grade.

Course schedule

1)Kim Sangtae: 「Individual research presentations, discussion of visual expressions」
Discuss general graphic design methods for visual communication.
2)Kim Sangtae:「Expanding from data to information」
Explain the concepts and application examples of graphic design methods, and understand affordances, color schemes, layouts, the golden ratio, and typefaces as design elements.
3)Kim Sangtae: 「Presentation on each research topic」
Discuss idea sketches, compositions, and visual expressions.
4)Kim Sangtae: 「presentation and evaluation」
Discuss the overall flow of infographics, including data organization, representation methods, and applications of each element.
5)Kim Sangtae: 「Summary of visual presentation」
Understanding of visual expression concepts, tips, and production methods.
6)Yoichi Ochiai:「Research Introduction and Media Expression」Discuss the development of media devices and expression using them, including the current state of media art in general, and generate ideas.
7)Yoichi Ochiai:「Prototyping」Discuss digital fabrication methods and rapid prototyping methods, and actually work with the tools in a hands-on environment.The students will actually use the tools and carry out the production.
8)Yoichi Ochiai:「Installation」Learn about the installation method of media art, and discuss the interaction method and display method with the baseman.
9)Yoichi Ochiai:「Preparation for the exhibition」Students will prepare for the presentation of their works at the exhibition.
10)Yoichi Ochiai:「Wrap-up」Reflect on the production period and share learnings with each other.

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Kim Sangtae,Ochiai Yoichi,Fushimi Tatsuki

Other information

・Kim Sangte and Ochiai Yoichi : On-line class (on-demand and simultaneous bidirectional)
・Attendance check: number will be issued and confirmed on manaba each time.

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Contact person: Kim Sangtae

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