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Biological sciences
College of Life Science
Main Campus
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February - June
Weekday and Period
Wednesday 2,3,4
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EEB5084 (B44EU1960)

Methods of Vegetation Survey National Taiwan University

Course Overview

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This course is focused on introduction to methods used in vegetation survey: sampling of forest and non-forest vegetation, measuring and estimating habitat environmental conditions and vegetation mapping. The course consists of three parts: 1) Theoretical part: overview of methods for sampling vegetation and measurement of environmental variables, introduction to visited areas, safety instructions. 2) Field trips: four whole-day field trips (around Taipei and some more distant regions), practicing the sampling methods, collecting field data and environmental measurements. 3) Lab analysis: processing and analysis of collected data, discussion of results. Theoretical part (4 x 3 hours): - Introduction, safety instructions for field work - Theory of sampling methods (DBH and cover based) - Theory behind measuring of environmental variables - Theory behind vegetation mapping Field trips (4 whole-day trips): - Practical introduction to the field survey, safety in the field, operating basic hiking equipment (reading map, operating compass and GPS), choosing the locality for sampling. - Sampling forest vegetation (DBH measuring, cover estimation, plot and plot-less sampling methods) - Sampling non-forest vegetation (grassland and dune vegetation) - Vegetation mapping - Field measurements (topography, soil properties, microclimatic measurements, forest canopy structure) Lab analysis (4 x 3 hours): - Determining collected specimens. - Practicing sampling habits indoor (estimating cover, use the measuring equipment). - Retyping collected species and header data into computer using dedicated software (Turboveg and JUICE). - Analysis of soil samples (pH and conductivity). - Presenting and discussing results.

Learning Achievement

Students will learn theoretical background of field vegetation survey, apply it in practice, collect real data in the field, process them in the lab and discuss the results.


Course prerequisites

Basic courses in plant taxonomy and determination. Basic knowledge of plants expected. The course is for undergraduates (2-3-4 year) + masters

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Online Course Requirement


David Zeleny

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(College of Life Science) Department of Life Science,
(College of Life Science) Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

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