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Medicine & dentistry
College of Engineering
Main Campus
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February - June
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Friday A,B,C
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Biomed7038 (548EM0650)

Nano/micro Engineering in Biomedicine National Taiwan University

Course Overview

Nano/micro engineering technology has increasing impacts in biomedical research. The manipulation and measurement of this scale, ie,several hundred nanometers down to atomic resolution, is closely related to the dimension of many important biomolecules and the sampling of the volume down to this size has significant biomedical implications.The full understanding of a biological system is the first step of being able to control or even manipulate it in the future. In this course, we will introduce some basic nano/micro engineering techniques used at our lab for the biosensing, analysis, and manipulation at molecular, cellular and tissue levels. In previous years, the course is undergone by a weekly class with half part in literature discussion and the other half for technique introduction. In this year, we have made some changes by decreasing the literature discussion with most literature discussion dedicated on the identification of a biomedical issue; on the other hand, the related nano/micro techniques are introduced in more details and accompanied by approperiate demonstration. The choice of a term project has been changed from technique-based to biomedical issue-oriented.Instead of picking a technique and finding a biomedical application, the students have to identify a central question in biomedical research or come up with a device design to facilitate biomedical test, and then find the appropriate techniques to answer or fullfil the purpose and intention raised in their project. This will help students to pick up all the nano/micro engineering techniques which meet the biomedical research requirement. And with the guidance of the need in biomedical research, students will be able to foresee the future direction of technology advancement in assisting the biomedical research and practice.

Learning Achievement

1. Encourage the interdisiplinary discussion and enlarge the understanding of the core biomedical issues from a multidisciplinary view. 2. Gaining in-depth experience from a hands-on project.


Course prerequisites

In this semester, we will work on the theme of "Digital Nano Array" with microlabs on nanofabrication, measurement, and analysis. The students will be set into 2 groups for a hands-on term project. The students can pick an issue in biomedical research or practice. The focus given at this semester is "pre-processing of raw sample for subsequent biomolecule sensing." The students need to specify their purpose and research methods and give an oral presentation on April 12. The complete experimental results will be delievered at the final report, which is on Jun 12, along with a paper report detailing the procedures and results.

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Online Course Requirement


Chii-Wann Lin

Other information

(College of Engineering) Graduate Institute of Bomedical Engineering,
Non-degree Program: Nano-Technology Engineering,
(College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) Graduate Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinfornatics

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