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Standard Academic Year
Semester 2
Course delivery methods
Online (Asynchronous), Online (Synchronous)
Biological sciences
College of Science and Technology
Campus Carreire
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Neuropharmacology (Online) University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

The objective of the Neuropharmacology unit is to give the knowledge
and a scientific background sufficient to understand the orientations
or the pharmaceutical options for the treatment of various pathologies
of the CNS. The overall course will present most classes of CNS
medicines and the targeted neurotransmission systems. A large part
will be dedicated to the methodologies to get and present the
information. Students will be also actors of their knowledge.

At the end, students should have developed automatisms in
Neuropharmacology (Kd, Ki, Km, IC50, EC50, agonist, antagonist,
inverse agonist, inhibitors, efficacy) applied to targets of
neurotransmitter systems. They should identify a class of medicine and
pharmacological agents. They should know to what kind of
neurotransmitter systems a medicine is designed for.

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

Internet connection/access to specified recourses or web sites (the
lectures and oral presentations are given by video conference).

Grading Philosophy

- Homework: 50% (works on pharmacological target and neurotransmitter
systems + oral presentation)
- Exam: 50% (3 hours with 2 parts: a dissertation and exercises)

Course schedule

- A core teaching will present the pharmacological basics for
pharmacodynamic studies.
- A core course will present the neuropharmacological basis of some
classes of medicines (antipsychotics, antidepressant drugs) covering
also the physiology and the pathophysiology of some neurotransmitter
- Other classes of medicines will be studied by the students with the
help of the teachers.
-  Pharmacokinetics will be also discussed through works done by

Course type

> Groups of 2 students will have to elaborate presentations for a neurotransmitter system and its pharmacological targets in front of the other students. > In addition, students will have punctual works specifically on one medicine, a concept in pharmacology, a receptor or an enzyme (example: H3 receptors; Catechol-O-methyl transferase, Cytochrome P450 2D6, biased agonism, fentanyl, Cheng and Prussoff, etc.). > Courses and works done by the students and the teachers will be available on the platform. > 98 hours: - 16 hours of lectures. - 22 hours of seminars. - 60 self-study hours. * Interactive activities on the Moodle platform  includes: quiz, wiki, chat, forum.

Online Course Requirement


Other information

> Recommended text:

- Psychopharmacology (Drugs, the brain and Behavior) – JS Meyers
and LF Quenzer (Sinauer Edition).
- Selection of applications first through the EMN-Online website,
then through the Apoflux procedure.
- Students must be autonomous and prepared for online courses.

Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: E-learning: videoconferences, recorded courses, flipped classroom, Moodle platform *

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Philippe De Deurwaerdère
Marc Landry