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Standard Academic Year
Semester 1
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Biological sciences
College of Science and Technology
Campus Carreire
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September - December
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Neuropharmacology University of Bordeaux

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to provide sufficient knowledge and
scientific background to understand the orientations or the
pharmaceutical options for the treatment of the various pathologies of
the central nervous system.

Learning Achievement


Course prerequisites

- Students should possess a Bachelor degree (180 ECTS) or equivalent
diploma in biology, biochemistry, biomedical sciences, medical
studies, pharmacy, cognitive sciences or psychology.
- A proven interest and solid basic knowledge in the field of
Neuroscience must be provided by students with a Bachelor degree in
another subject (chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science).
- Language prerequisite: fluency in English.

Grading Philosophy

- Papers prepared at home and oral presentations will be graded and
included as half of the final score to obtain 4 ECTS.
- The final exam (3 hours) addresses scientific cases in which the
students must propose a mechanism of action for an unknown drug based
on graphs and tables. Students are trained for this exam. Documents
are authorized.
- Final assessment takes place in early January and may be organized
at distance.
- One re-sit is allowed.

Course schedule

> During the course, students will learn about:

- Basis of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.
- Pharmacological basis of important class of drugs
- Physiology and pathophysiology of the main neurotransmitter
- Molecular and integrative views of the mechanisms of action of

>This program is also supported by students personal work.
> Students lecture fellow students on topics such as various
neurotransmitter systems and receptors, enzymes and/or transporters:

- To develop the skill to look faston pertinent data in order to find
out the right references
- To produce informative text and/or oral presentations in the field
of neuropharmacology.

> Learning outcomes:

- Master the foundations of modern Neuropharmacology
- Apply the basic technical approaches of Neuropharmacology
- Have a general, precise and critical overview of Neuropharmacology,
from normal functioning to brain diseases
- Name the technical approaches of Neuropharmacology, explain their
theoretical groundings and know when to use them

> At the end of the course, students should be able to follow a
conference dealing with neuropharmacological principles

Course type

> Face-to-face teaching: 32 hours (lectures/seminars/tutorials) - Lectures: 14 hours (7 lectures given by teaching staff) - Seminars: 4 hours (corresponding to the lectures given by students regarding neurotransmitter systems and specific pharmacological targets) - Tutored projects to supervise the students to prepare their seminar: 6 hours - A round table (4 hours) is organized at the end of the semester to discuss the production of the students regarding enzymes/transporters/receptors or pharmacological agents. - 4 hours of exercise of neuropharmacology > Personal student work: 80 hours > Final assessment: 3 hours

Online Course Requirement


Other information

- Maximum number of students: 20.
- Selection procedure: send application file with CV, all previous
transcripts and cover letter to the course coordinator.
- Selection criteria: excellent grades and/or other study results,
high motivation, adequate prerequisites.

Duration: 12 weeks

Language of instruction: English
Mode of delivery: Face-to-face teaching; Directed work following homework (excercises); Supervised work

Site for Inquiry

Please inquire about the courses at the address below.

Contact person: Philippe de Deurwaerdere

Cyril Lançon