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Online (Synchronous)
Subjects allied to medicine, Biological sciences
Master's Program in Sport and Olympic Studies
Master's Program in Sport and Olympic Studies
Tsukuba Campus
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October - December
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Olympism and Legacy University of Tsukuba

Course Overview

In this course, we will learn about the significance of Olympism and Olympic Legacy, consider the ideal way of legacy that fits the situation in the future countries and regions, and reflect Olympism by contemplating future Olympic Legacy. Will aim to develop insight into legacy through them.
After confirming the essentials of Olympism, we will take the opportunity of the Olympic Legacy to be mentioned and the details of its introduction. Based on these, we will investigate the actual sports mega event, contemplate actions that reflect the legacy philosophy, and give presentations on them.

Learning Achievement

Students will be expected to come to be able to define Olympic legacy according to each country or area, putting it in perspective of Olympism.



Course prerequisites

Students will be expected to have successfully completed to investigate the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

Grading Philosophy

On demand (viewing VTR): comments or question on the class.
(1) Attendance (10%)
(2) Group presentation (40%)
(3) Final report (50%)
At group presentation, your contribution to it will be evaluated.
To submit your final report will be required for credit earning as well as group presentation.

Course schedule

Classes will be held face-to-face.
Students who are unable to come to campus will be asked to participate online.
For those who cannot participate in the class due to time differences, the class will be recorded and can be viewed on demand.
Microsoft Teams, manaba will be used.
PDF files will be posted on manaba, Showing URL of references.
(Group) Presentation related to the issue of Legacy or Mega sport events for 10min., Final report on reflection of the presentation by 600~800words, To post on manaba by the end of December 2020.
Week 1 : Guidance and background for introducing Legacy into Olympic Movement
Week 2 : The concept of legacy and its beggining in Olympic Movement
Week 3 : Legacy in bit files
Week 4 : The concept and classification of Legacy
Week 5: Group discussion on the topics and making presentation
Week 6 : Case examples of tangible and intangible Legacy
Week 7 : Group discussion on the topics and making presentation
Week 8 : Group work for preparating presentations
Week10 : Presentations on the proposal of Legacy initiatives
Week 11 : Submit the term paper

Course type


Online Course Requirement


Fukasawa Koyo

Other information

In order to respect for other students, I will define classroom conduct and decorum for learning excellence, lateness, permission to leave the classroom in the midst of the coursework.

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Link to the syllabus provided by the university